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Thunderhead Brewing Company
Thunderhead Brewing Company in Kearney, Nebraska stays true to brewing quality beer consistently.
Mayor Jeremy Jensen on Living in Central NE
O4B Interviewed Grand Island Mayor, Jeremy Jensen. In this video clip, he explains why he loves living in central Nebraska.
Kyle Means UNK Marketing Director
UNK's new Marketing Director shares his thoughts on the university and it's role in the business community.
Simple Office Yoga Sequence
Avani Day Spa & Yoga Studio in Hastings, Nebraska offers a quick yoga sequence for the office.
Business Minute Monday- January 5
Lisa explains why staying current is important helps your business-- and easy tips to incorporate into your life.
Business Minute Monday: Using Photos to Help Your Business
A picture is worth a thousand words. Make those words worth their while for your business by using good photography. Make sure your company's images share the story the best way possible, with good lighting and being in focus.
Business Minute Monday 11-03
Make the most of your marketing emails! Emily explains how to effectively reach your audience in today's Business Minute Monday.
Business Minute Monday! Tradeshow 101
Attending tradeshows can be a great opportunity for companies to network, share a product or story and meet new customers. We discuss how to prepare for a trade show and some fun tips to follow once you're in the thick of it. Remember, be approachable!
Business Minute Monday: Passion!
Passion is infectious in business. Your customers can feel it, your employees and employer can feel it and it makes those stressful days seem less stressful. Use passion about your business to inspire people to do business with you.
Business Minute Monday - Blogging
Would you like to establish yourself as an expert in your field and share information with your customers... Blogging might be a great way to reach your audience!
Enhance Open for Business Magazine with Blippar!
Blippar and Open for Business Magazine have partnered to enhance how you interact with our magazine. Scan the page and voila our pages come to life!
volume 1 voting
Voting for the Volume 1 Awards ends January 31, so vote for your favorite contributors now! www.surveymonkey.com/s/MMFGWWR
Company Culture
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Business Minute Monday - Decision Making
Lisa shares strategies for making decisions!
Good Email Marketing
The creative staff at Idea Bank Marketing in Hastings, Nebraska shares their tips on good marketing.
Mayor Jeremy Jensen and his mantra in life.
Grand Island Mayor, Jeremy Jensen explains what drives him in his life to be ambitious and live without regret in this exclusive O4B interview.
Learning Opportunities Business Minute Monday
Open for Business is offering business classes sponsored by statement., LLC. Learn the ropes as an aspiring entrepreneur or enhance your knowledge and network as a current business owner! Classes are every Monday from 5:30 to 7:30 and are $25 a piece or 5 Classes for $100! You Don't want to miss out on this opportunity!
Good Design
Idea Bank Marketing shares their ideas on good design with Open for Business Magazine.
Good Marketing
Idea Bank Marketing shares what they thing good marketing does.
Business Minute Monday 12-15
Are you a recent graduate? Congrats! Emily shares the best ways to make the most out of your recent immersion into the job market.
Good Logo Design
Idea Bank Marketing's staff shares their opinions on good design.
Business Minute Monday 12-1
Your time is valuable-- use it wisely by following Lisa's tips for effective time management!
Business Minute Monday - LEARN!
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Business Minute Monday: Get Outside!
The weather is warming up and a great way to beat the summertime blues is to get outside whenever you have a chance. Take your desk outside if you can or go for a walk. Breathe some fresh air and get inspired by the environment around you.
Good Website Design
Idea Bank Marketing's staff shares their thoughts on good marketing collateral.
Mayor Jeremy Jensen on Accomplishment
O4B interviewed Grand Island Mayor, Jeremy Jensen. Watch this video to learn about his greatest professional accomplishment.
Being a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One Business Minute Monday
Should you master just one skill or be good at several? In today's world, it's hard to find someone who only focuses on one particular trait. Find out what works best for you and your business.
The Talbott Brothers at The Lark
Nick and Tyler Talbott entertain the crowd at The Lark in Downtown Hastings, NE.
Chais Meyer
Chais talks about how he gets creative in his business and wants to share his story at O4B's Business Innovation Conference.
Good Brand
Sherma Jones, co-owner of Idea Bank Marketing shares her opinion on what makes a good brand.
Good Business
Ann Martin, Co-Owner of Idea Bank Marketing gives her input about what makes a good business.

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