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A Reading of  The Declaration of Independence (Mirror)
Eight Oscar winners, Morgan Freeman, Benicio del Toro, Kathy Bates, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas & Renee Zellweger along with three Oscar-nominated actors - Edward Norton, Winona Ryder and Graham Greene join highly acclaimed actress Ming Na and to give one of the best presentations of the Declaration that personally I have ever heard.
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USMC Sniper Training Film
An old, unclassified United States Marine Corps training film.
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How to Start an IV
Our newest member REAPER show us how to start an IV. Welcome Repaer and if you would like to learn how to start IV's and/or ad to your medical prep's check out our upcoming training at http://www.bearflagtrading.com/training-2/bftc-shtf-first-aid-training/
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Lever Action Vs. Bolt Action
To answer some questions within comments, RhinoDoc shares his opinions on the Lever Action vs. Bolt Action rifles. http://www.bearflagtrading.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bear-Flag-Trading-Co/188352304516075 http://twitter.com/#!/BearFlagTrading
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CSA Farm Inspection (What the Hell?) (Mirror)
I read the story, watched the video and thought I would share it with you. we need to take our Country back! Southern Nevada Health District ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIVISION Mary Oakes EH SPECIALIST II acting under orders from Susan LeBay former pool inspector is seen inspecting Chef Geo foods and catering truck on night of October 21, 2011 on the property of Quail Hollow Farm in this video. Contact Southern Nevada Health District at; http://www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org/ See all the photos and video at; http://www.reallyvegasphoto.com/Events/CSA-Farm-Government-Inspection/19707296_v2zFML#1546725033_K6n5zv7
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Sleep Cell Premium Sleeping Bag Review
RhinoDoc reviews the Sleep Cell Premium Sleeping Bag. 40 degree rating for less than $40.00 at Costco!
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Gun Cleaning Patchs/Old T-Shirts
A great use for the old t-shirt. Sit in front of the TV and recycle that old Pit Stained T-shirt!
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Holding Their Own
RhinoDoc reviews "Holding their Own" by Joe Nobody on Prepper Press.
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The Browning Double Barrel
RhinoDoc talks about this classic firearm and its use and practicality. You can also find us on; http://www.bearflagtrading.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bear-Flag-Trading-Co/188352304516075 http://twitter.com/#!/BearFlagTrading Tactical Magic http://youtu.be/CK2WKSg8KQg
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Review of James Wesley Rawles new book Founders
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Gerber AR Tool
Gerber AR Tool
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Water, The 55 Gal. Drum
A bit about storing water.
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A Review of Jericho
RhinoDoc talks about the show Jericho. http://www.bearflagtrading.com/2012/01/jericho-tv-series-2006-2008/
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Garlic in a Pot
Garrison's first YouTube explains how he grows garlic in a pot. Being an apartment Prepper all of his home grown food is done in planters and pots.
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Sleeping Bags Systems
RhinoDoc discusses some pro's & con's along with cost of common sleep systems.
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First Aid, The GSW Kit
RhinoDoc shares what he uses in a Gun Shot Wound Kit (GSW) and why. First in a series on FIrst Aid, from Bear Flag Trading CO. www.bearflagtrading.com
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This Is My Rifle
RhinoDoc from Bear Flag Trading Co. talks about his 30-30 as means of protection and hunting. A good rifle to have. http://www.bearflagtrading.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bear-Flag-Trading-Co/188352304516075 http://twitter.com/#!/BearFlagTrading
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Battalion Medical Bag Personalized Content
RhinoDoc from Bear Flag Trading Co. discusses the Battalion Medical Bag and Personalized Content as hes see's it. Check us out at http://www.bearflagtrading.com Post your unwanted prepper items for free at http://www.bearflagtrading.com/classifieds/
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Prepper Bloopers
RhinoDoc & Admin from Bear Flag Trading Co. making fun of themselves. Laughter is the best medicine. Prep like there's no tomorrow! http://www.bearflagtrading.com
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Bear Flag Trading attends "The Academy Of St. Crispian"
Southern CA, Firearms Training. Stan from The Academy of St. Crispian has a great program. Find out more! http://www.stcrispian.com/ See His Full Video http://youtu.be/X2fgQoRQuzg Visit Us at http://www.bearflagtrading.com Thanks For Watching
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Fox X Holsters, reviewed by RhinoDoc
RhinoDoc reviews his first concealed holster for .45 made by Fox X Holsters Check us out at http://bearflagtrading.com/ http://foxxholsters.com/
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The 4-10 Shotgun
RhinoDoc discusses the 4-10 shotgun http://www.bearflagtrading.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bear-Flag-Trading-Co/188352304516075 http://twitter.com/#!/BearFlagTrading
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Make your own Gun Free Zone (Mirror)
Thought I would share. Found on "zappafan1325" http://www.youtube.com/user/zappafan1325?feature=watch
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Evacuation Kit
RhinoDoc talks about his Evacuation Kit. http://www.bearflagtrading.com
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Run & Gun in the Desert
RhinoDoc & Admin from BFTC take a few newb's out to the desert for a little trigger time. http://www.bearflagtrading.com "For the Prepper by the Prepper" A Prepper Classifieds Site Post your items for FREE!
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On Air with Clark Aposhian, K-Talk.mpg
RhinoDoc discusses First Aid and Medical training on UTAH's AM 630 K-Talk radio with Clark Aposhian on Gun Talk. http://www.k-talk.com/pro/ http://www.bearflagtrading.com/
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Primitive Fire
I attended a Christopher Nyerges course (As Seen on Nat Geo) on "Wild Edibles" and at the end they demonstrated Primitive Fire. With Permissions I taped it to share with you all. http://www.christophernyerges.com/
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RhinoDoc Reviews the ResQ Pak
RhinoDoc reviews a ResQ Pak GSW kit. Must see before you pay full price! Check out our site http://www.bearflagtrading.com
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We The People Are Loosing This Country Act Now Before It Is Too Late (Mirror)
Think about the repercussions of decisions!
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Consider Your Footwear
Things to think about!
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Two Books Must Read
RhinoDoc Reviews 2 good books for Preppers. Check out the new book section on our site. http://www.bearflagtrading.com/store-2/#ecwid:category=3557068&mode=category&offset=0&sort=nameAsc
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Steel Plate Body Armor
TheHossUSMC did a vid on a plate from the VestGuy.com. I got my hands on one and took a shot at it with a .308 FMJ, no penetration. Then we hit it several times with .223 & 7.62X54. Check'em Out http://www.youtube.com/user/TheHossUSMC http://www.vestguy.com/ Special OFFER, 10% off for a limited time ONLY AT BearFlagTrading http://www.bearflagtrading.com/store-2/
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Introducing Frontline Tactical Solutions
This is a shout out for Frontline Tactical Solutions, Mike is a great guy with tons of hands on experience! Give him a look. http://www.youtube.com/user/FrontlineTactical http://www.frontlinetacticalsolutions.com/
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Gun Give Away Contest (Mirror)
Ebomey and several others have partnered up to offer a great prize!!!!! Check it Out! http://youtu.be/tF7pgcvKE9Y http://www.youtube.com/user/ebomey
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Ham Radio, CB, Weather Radio, Scanners, different ways to get information during an emergency
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Most Arrogant Man in the World - MIRRORED
Thanks to http://dontbeadonkey.com/ Something new from http://www.RightChange.com.
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1000 Sub Contest the Winner Is?
Thank You all who submitted a VR and to all of our subscribers. We appreciate all the support. Thanks to Orange County Archery for donating the Bow. http://www.bearflagtrading.com
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RhinoDoc Talks about the Unit 1
The Unit 1 is the Bag carried by Navy Corpsman. RhinoDoc served as a Corpsman with a MEU and has years of experience rendering aid to the Finest Fighting Force in the world. This Bag is by Voodoo Tactical and RhinoDoc has modified it's contents for todays use.
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Vestguy.com Body Armor
Admin from BFTC and Mike from Frontline Tactical Solutions reviews the AR 500 plate from Vestguy.com. Check out this plate take multiple hits without fail! http://www.bearflagtrading.com http://www.frontlinetacticalsolutions.com http://www.youtube.com/user/FrontlineTactical
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California Legal Full Auto Machine Gun
RhinoDoc found a California Legal Full Auto Machine Gun
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Stove in a Can
RhinoDoc from Bear Flag Trading Co. shows the "Stove in a Can" See our article about this product. http://www.bearflagtrading.com/2011/07/stove-in-a-can/
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"Not Classified" Classifieds Contest
Bear Flag Trading Co's second contest for the year. Enter to win by visiting www.bearflagtrading.com and post items for sale in the Free Classifieds. See all the rules at the link above.
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Prep'n on the Cheap
A few preps over the Holidays. Swap meet finds, Bear Flag Trading Co. Classifieds land me a good trade, and an upgrade to my gauge with a GG & G accessory.
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RhinoDoc Learns About Reloading
RhinoDoc visits Big Jim's for a reloading 101.
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Patient Assessment
Bear Flag Trading Co's very own RhinoDoc takes you through an overview of Patient Assessment. THis is part 1 in a 5 part series to help you have a better understanding of this important medical skill.
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Local Resources
Fishing with the boy. Thought I would share what resides just down the street!
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Welcome to HAM
Welcome to SoCalPreppers and brief overview of HAM
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Admin about Prepping on K-Talk AM 630
Admin from BFTC calls into K-Talk AM 630 to speak with Clark Aposhian about Prepping and Firearms Training. Gun Talk on K-Talk Tuesday 1800 - 2000 http://www.k-talk.com/pro/ Clarks Web Site http://fairwarning.biz/
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An Event Medical Bag
A medical bag for large events or a field medical station. Presented by RhinoDoc of Bear Flag Trading Co.
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"U.N. Me." The Movie!
RhinoDoc & Admin discuss the movie "U.N. Me" released this month in theaters. We appreciated the opportunity to watch it prior to release. Thanks to Ami Horowits, Writter, Producer & Director for that and allowing us to use clips for this video review of his work. "U.N. Me" website http://www.unmemovie.com Check local theatres or find it on iTunes or Amazon. We both highly recommend this film. Images and film footage used with permission. http://www.bearflagtrading.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bear-Flag-Trading-Co/188352304516075 http://twitter.com/#!/BearFlagTrading
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