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FAME speaks to Andrew Henderson & Ethan Altman
FAME magazine (www.fameonline.co.uk) caught up with Andrew Henderson and Ethan Altman. Two talented ball jugglers. We were stunned by their skills and we had to give them an interview. Andrew Henderson is the World Football Freestyle Champion. Please enjoy. Produced by Digital Take Studio
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FAME talks to Alyssa Reid about Alone Again, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Canada
Alyssa Reid talks to Calum Di Lieto and Kerim Ozerek from FAME TV (www.fameonline.co.uk) about her new single Alone Again, her Justin Beiber cover, cat fashion, her desire to be owned by Lady Gaga and her home country Canada which she shares with Michael Buble and Drake.
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FameTV meets Lucien Laviscount
Lucien Laviscount talks to Amar Sejpal and Ceren Senkul from FAME TV (www.fameonline.co.uk) about Coronation Street, Waterloo Road, kissing Kym Marsh and what he'd take on a desert island if stranded. Produced by http://wecreatestuff.co.uk
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FameTV meets Louise Court Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine
Alexa Carter from FameTV catches up with Louise Court to talk about her role editing the UKs biggest selling lifestyle magazine and how she managed to get shuch an 'awesome' job! Produced by http://wecreatestuff.co.uk
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FAME spends a day with media students from Hertford Regional College
FAME Entertainment (www.fameonline.co.uk) spent a day with media students from Hertford Regional College, and they made us a video to showcase their work. Please enjoy
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FAME speaks to (BBC) Online Dragon and CEO of Ariadne Capital Julie Meyer
FAME magazine (www.fameonline.co.uk), a talent and lifestyle magazine for students and young people had a chance to speak to Julie Meyer CEO of Ariadne Capital and an Online dragon from BBC Dragons Den. She talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneure. Video produced by www.digitaltakestudio.com
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Herts Entrepreneurs and FAME magazine tribute to Steve Jobs.mov
Herts entrepreneurs and FAME magazine pay tribute to Steve Jobs. It was really windy and we though the best way to put the lighters up would be using an apple product.
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FAME at JamJar
FAME was invited to Jamjar a music event for upcoming music artists. Alexa Carter was there to speak to the talented artists. Please enjoy and support these upcoming talent
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Name the countries
University of Hertfordshire
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UH x factor contestant
University of Hertfordshire
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FAME at Smooth Fuego BBQ
We caught up with Smooth Fuego while he was flip burgers for his guest
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UH Talent Rachel marks
www.fameonline.co.uk interviews art student Rachel Marks. She is a photographer, body painter and artist. In this interview she tells us about herself, her inspiration and at the end of this 2 min interview we get to see her pictures and body painting. She was also an official photographer for www.fameonline.co.uk. Music by John Meyer "your body is a wonderland"
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FAME - The Magazine Powered by Team Spirit.
Fame is a talent and lifestyle magazine for students and young people with the aim of inspiring them to chase their dreams (www.fameonline.co.uk). We showcase young people who who are making a difference in the community. Digital Take Studios (www.digitaltakestudios.com) a Video production company based in London heard about Fame magazine, and did this amazing video. Enjoy!
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FAME speaks to the editor of Company Magazine Victoria White
FAME magazine (www.fameonline.co.uk) was invited to meet the editor of Company Magazine, Victoria White. She shares her experience(s) with us, and she tells us how to get a job in the media world.
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10 seconds of fame
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FameTV meet Nina Wadia
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Comedy street University of Hertfordshire
A good night of fun and laughter put together by Litehouse entertainment and The one production. Proudly supported by www.fameonline.co.uk This event was held to support thr ACLT charity
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FAME talks to Tinchy Stryder & Ruff Sqwad about Mario Balotelli, 2012, Umbro & Jay-Z
FAME Magazine (www.fameonline.co.uk) got invited to Ruff Sqwads video shoot. we had a few seconds to chat with them. They had one advise for up coming musicians... "Be yourself"
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