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Child Genius: Meet Arnav, Who Never Stops Reading | Lifetime

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Meet Arnav, the book-obsessed perfectionist who joined Mensa at age 6, in this scene from Season 2, Episode 2, "Silicon Valley is All About Taking Risks." #ChildGenius Subscribe for more from Child Genius and other great Lifetime shows: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lifetime Find out more about the kids and the competition on our site: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/child-genius?cmpid=Social_YouTube_ChildGenius Catch up on Season 1 with this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvAOsBfvt4jDvQl4jxevE0s0TMFnUb6OI Watch full episodes here: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/child-genius/video?cmpid=Social_YouTube_ChildGeniusVideo Check out exclusive Lifetime content: Website - http://www.mylifetime.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/lifetimetv Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lifetime /posts Child Genius Season 2 Episode 2 Silicon Valley is All About Taking Risks "Child Genius" is a competition series centered on Americas most extraordinary and gifted children and their families as they prepare for a national intelligence competition. Lifetime® is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to providing viewers with a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning original movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming. A favorite and trusted network for women, we are continually building on our heritage by attracting top Hollywood talent and producing shows that are modern, sexy, exciting, daring, and provocative. Visit us at myLifetime.com for more info.
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Text Comments (1192)
n d (9 hours ago)
His parents hv implanted this idea in him dat reading varied books fanatically will give him status(regardless of his actual hardware).he Is not following any organic passion. This kind of trend can change men back to monkeys
Redarrow5679 Stuff (1 day ago)
Parents would just be happy that I’m reading.
ItzPink Here (2 days ago)
Just let him read atleast his learning something my mom doesn't even want me to play outside she wants me to study abd study... but I still get highh grades:))Keep the great work Arnav:)
goat llama (4 days ago)
0:57 my man is on top of a car. Parents do something about it
bellarose456 (4 days ago)
Most kids are at ice cream socials most kids are playing fortnite
ACE Blade (4 days ago)
I read the comment section, does that count? 😂
Buelah xd (5 days ago)
Of course...It’s an Indian
Trippy Duck (5 days ago)
This proves when recess comes he goes to the corner of the library to read like a loner Even though I never read I used to a lot in second grade but I decided to stop and know I regret it
Amira Khaulah (5 days ago)
I wish to be like Arnav... I'm a lazy person that spend most of my times, dreaming, sleeping, get angry/complaint, play my phone... And watch this video 😣
Hermione Granger (7 days ago)
I'm a bookworm too, and my mom is the one that mostly gets mad at me, because even if I'm in a party I would still read and even when I'm eating, as for my dad, he supports me, and even buys books with me
md khalid (7 days ago)
He looks like Harry potter
Matt From Wii Sports (8 days ago)
Hope my parents don't see this video and then show it to me
I’ve a problem with reading
Ninja (8 days ago)
anthony z (9 days ago)
The way she talks to her son is the way my *father* talks to my *sister* about her *phone, ds, 3ds, switch, computer, xbox, etc*
om marathi (10 days ago)
Did he say Harvard college
Isaac Grogan (10 days ago)
This first time in my life I’ve seen parents trying to STOP their kids from reading😂😂
t e a (10 days ago)
I can’t even read 1 book
Seb Fisc (10 days ago)
My mom is trading me for this kid right away
Edel Garcia (13 days ago)
Tf he doing on top of a car
oscar p (14 days ago)
thats Funny , "mensa in spanish Means Dumb" LMAOO
It’s Christian ! (15 days ago)
“All the kids are having fun, there out at picnics” first of all who even goes to picnics ?
Luna draws and vlogs (15 days ago)
I love how he packed the entire Harry Potter series in a suitcase
Sniper perfect Bruh (16 days ago)
That kid must have no friends. And I’m sorry to say but if your like that then you’ll never have friends. It’s cool how he is smart though. But he probaly will never have any friends🤣🤡🙏🏼
Barra Obrien (17 days ago)
He has glasses, *Of course he’s smart.*
Tutty Frutty (17 days ago)
He is indian?
MWAP (20 days ago)
0:56 wtf is he on a car??
lil Quaz (20 days ago)
I would like to no which kid goes to an ice cream socials or piknink
Josh Castro (21 days ago)
what a loser
Nadia Ahmed (21 days ago)
Wow I have never seen a parent get mad at a kid for reading a book. It's the other way round for me
Ethan Moras (21 days ago)
Amy Byrne (21 days ago)
0:02 the boy in the pink shirt got rejected 😂😂😂😂
add plus (22 days ago)
Have you ever seen a kid under 13 over qualified for Harvard
ツfreshtea (22 days ago)
0:55 umm why is he on top of a car!
Water Drop (23 days ago)
His parents gets mad at him for reading, my parents get mad at me for playing games. xD
AJ02 (23 days ago)
Has he heard about the internet
Future The Rapper 101 (25 days ago)
Reading is Arnav for him. Get it? Enough? Yeah.. I don't too...
spiritual tree (25 days ago)
Feeling So pitty about this stupid kid..
Uday Malik (26 days ago)
the parents are acting nice now, but just imagine the outrage they have when the cameras are not around.
SqueezY- tube (27 days ago)
ninja mushroom (27 days ago)
I use to mark the same but with my phone
pewdepi e (28 days ago)
Nicolas Costas (28 days ago)
Well he's going to die a virgen...
#TeamShookBang (29 days ago)
This video made me feel stupid..
O- DRAGONMASTER (29 days ago)
He’s brown duuh Btw im brown and I’m the exact opposite
Be Tai (30 days ago)
So to him a book is a phone
Moo is just Moo (30 days ago)
Spoiler: he comes 2nd place in Child Genius
Khadijah V (30 days ago)
He has to hide when he reads 😂
Arnav Murudkar (1 month ago)
I have the same name, feel like a disappointment
Owen Galicia (1 month ago)
My mom can't get me to read for 20 minutes
Anon10 (1 month ago)
“Ice cream social”...
VINCOOL (1 month ago)
oh yeah yeah
Salty Lamaz (1 month ago)
He goes to my school
Penguins Jehns (1 month ago)
I want to f his mom
what’s up 124 (1 month ago)
I understand where his parents are coming from if he reads to much. It’s like us when we are on our phones to much 😂
what’s up 124 (1 month ago)
How’s he getting in trouble for reading too much? 😂
Boo Steeb (1 month ago)
Most people read everyday, even kids that play video games
Josh (1 month ago)
Jesus loves you.
Devanshu Dwivedi (1 month ago)
just wait till he gets to high school and the testis start secreting testosterone
Lord Beerus (1 month ago)
I've been reading books for eons...
Detrouty (1 month ago)
i remember watching him on child genuis back then, i even used to have a crush on him, omggggg i wonder what he is doing rn 😂
Noura Abushami (1 month ago)
Haha fun fact... I met him at Disney world last year:)
Jackie pie (1 month ago)
I am addicted to YouTube
The Pheonix YT (1 month ago)
I read science journals in the bathroom, your not alone my friend
Ruby The human (1 month ago)
Ummmm, what is an ice cream social lmfao
Nylah NJR (1 month ago)
I mean I love reading but that's just extreme
iKxcperJR (1 month ago)
And I’m sitting here and never have read a book
Dacrusher Of dreams (1 month ago)
If you look at him your like yep definitely in Mensa
Amazing Gamer (1 month ago)
He’s not reading business books so he’s reading for no reason.
Official Barcelona (1 month ago)
Meet Me. The Oppisite of This Kid
Shi Nation (1 month ago)
Usually parents make there kids read books but she’s trying to stop him from reading 😂
Allison Harkenrider (1 month ago)
55 who reads on a car?
Str8 Geyz (1 month ago)
alicia bueno (1 month ago)
They tell them to stop reading my parents say start reading
S. Mazumdar (1 month ago)
Ok but i was a different one i never started reading the books super boring
Pritam Dehury (1 month ago)
Who see the video in 2019 is he Indian?
Sage Gilder (1 month ago)
am I the only one who gets arnav and tanishq confused
δεν γνωρίζω (1 month ago)
My parents sometimes throw books *on my head* so I finally read them but I will never do that.
Reuben F (1 month ago)
I read alot same with this guy I'm a bookworm
TheTheBest (1 month ago)
Arnav in Hebrew is a rabbit
Rana Fawzi (1 month ago)
I didn’t know what Harvard was when I was his age
Shannon AP (1 month ago)
He knows “Arnav”
JackieDJ (1 month ago)
I parents would be so happy if I was like this lmfao "Yeeeaaahh read more! More!!! More!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But no I'm not like that, more like.. "Cmon read! Treat the book as if you were playing videogames 24/7"
Abdulrahman Yekinni (1 month ago)
lol introverted
Haretz tj (1 month ago)
I can't tell if the little girl at the picture of outro is *taking the L*
Queen T .S (1 month ago)
If your someone you gets there phone taken away pretend you really love reading and they may take away the books than your phone or something
Is he a indian arnav krishna
straya bish (1 month ago)
This is my favorite family. Arnav’s parents aren’t too demanding
Arush Sudan (1 month ago)
Indian parents are on the better side of the Asian parent spectrum
anna woolley (1 month ago)
Ice cream socials
Edel Garcia (1 month ago)
It’s always Indian people 😂
Bupple LPS (1 month ago)
* I deadass read 2 books this year*
Tyrano Killer (1 month ago)
Poor kid the kid wanted a handshake
Vrocs S (1 month ago)
Never stop reading Genius 👏🏻👏🏻 Let’s all never stop reading so we can be a group of genius people
Qahhar Hameed (1 month ago)
He needs to get a life first
angelo c (1 month ago)
This kid is going to have a hard time at high school
UmarTheGamer Shahid (1 month ago)
I’ll pay him to do my book reports
OPS_Abruptlys (1 month ago)
Dear Arnav, Do you think you know Arnav?(Enough) Do you get it?
I eat cereal for lunch (1 month ago)

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