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Spider as a Spirit Guide--What it Means When You Are Suddenly Seeing Spiders Everywhere

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This video will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about what it means when Spider shows up as a spirit guide for you (You are suddenly getting spider-bites, seeing spiders everywhere, are feeling a new fear of or affection for spiders, people start sending you pictures and cards and gifts with spiders, etc.). You will learn how Spider can teach you how to create a happier life for yourself--especially with regard to money!, how to tackle challenges that feel too big to handle and how to deal with issues of feeling afraid and/or victimized. And if you're not sure if Spider is simply acting as your current spirit guide or is instead your personal totem, you can check out my video on the difference between totems and spirit guides, as well as my upcoming video, "Spider as a Totem" (Coming within the next two weeks, so stay posted!).
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Jessica Bustamante (3 days ago)
When you talked about all the 8’s, the video began to resígnate and then I looked up and the license plate in front of me had an 888. Thank you for this video and your light 🙏🏼
Jordana Van (1 day ago)
That is so cool, Jessica! <3 And I'm so glad the video was so helpful for you!
Naomi Nichole (10 days ago)
Today at the park I was praying to God and asked him to please show me a sign he’s there listening and when I came home I walked in my bedroom and seen the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life. I kinda feel like that was my sign from him..
Jen Smiles (16 days ago)
So happy I found your channel & this video. So many synchronicities! I’ve had some very intense spider interactions that led me here and I’m so excited to learn more about them as one of my guide/totem animals. Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration!
Daniel Wood (22 days ago)
Woke up this morning to find an odd piece of string on my pillow. I went to move it, and it decided to spare me the effort by moving itself. The "string" is also known as a "cellar spider." I bid it good morning. And wondered why he'd wandered away from his post in the bathroom.
Daniel Wood (18 days ago)
+Jordana Van I really should. I could do what they did in the book and rake in the dough. I had another Cellar Spider descend in front of me while I was either reading or writing (can't remember which) a few days ago. It landed on the box I keep my watches in, then shuffled inside. I told him he was welcome to it if he was there to give me unlimited time. I came back later to find he'd built a web on the ceiling over the box.
Jordana Van (18 days ago)
LOL!!! Nothing like the spider on the pillow to get one's attention (thank you, Massive Wolf Spider from Hell for teaching me that one), though at this point, it could certainly be said that your attention has already been gotten! Maybe you need to ask them to start doing a Charlotte's Web thing for you and start spelling out the messages in their webs...
Daniel Wood (25 days ago)
The spider antics continue. And now you all must hear about it. While driving to work from a new domicile, a lone spider crawled across my windshield at eye-level, left-to-right, and repeated this three times. Either it was three different and very similar spiders following the same path or the same spider running a circuit, because it never reversed course. Within the next day or so, I got three checks, and thought "huh, what a wicked-funny coincidence!" After that, I dreamed about a lone red spider. She's working overtime lately! I just wish I knew what she was up to.
Daniel Wood (23 days ago)
+Jordana Van Indeed, the sort you redeem for money. On a lark, I decided to play the little number-game with it. And it broke down into 3. That made me smile. Unfortunately, not as thrilled with the new domicile. It's more of a continuation of previous circumstances, though in some ways a definite improvement. But I guess it is making me question why I'm sticking to it, and other things along the purging/letting go vein. And I've come up with a few answers, with one of them surprising me a little. Seems like were slated to keep working on that thing until we clear it, huh? I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather with your flowers, and that you've been blessed with the presence of moths and butterflies. May they continue to bring beauty and joy to your garden, and may the spiders continue to focus their efforts on the biting and stinging insects instead.
Jordana Van (23 days ago)
Do you mean "checks" as in the kind you trade in for money??? If so, that is seriously cool! : ) :) :) Also, congrats (I hope?) on the new domicile!
Ernestine Yalledy (1 month ago)
APPRECIATE YOU SOOOO MUCH....MY INTUITION today said look up spiders, because all of my life I have been seeing different types of spiders and I NOW I KNOW my spirit animal or insect is....🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤
Jordana Van (1 month ago)
I'm so glad the video was so helpful for you, Ernestine! <3 <3 <3 Blessings! - J
Laura Vella (1 month ago)
A black spider was in my house this evening, I set him free. I clicked on this video for like - it turned to 988!  I keep seeing 88.
Gustavus Adolphus (1 month ago)
I woke up in the middle of the night, seeing this spider shadow energy over my head. And it slowly moved towards the corner of the roof and dissapeard. I was wide awake from the moment i opend my eyes and i have never been so calm in my entire life as i was at that moment. I belive in God, and this had nothing to do with evil what so ever as many religious people would think. I felt peace and calm. I belive these spiders rather is there to help you in your path, telling you to be patient and to be aware of the net you have weaved around you that holds you back. So no spiders has nothing to do with evil as many belive. Trust me i know what pure evil feels like. I was saved last year by two balls of pure light out in the forest here in Sweden. Sulphure started to spread around me, the smell was terrible. It was the smell of fire, but not the ordinary burnt wood. So thats why im certain it was sulphure. It was all around me and it did spread very fast, i could hardly see in front of me after some minutes, and it started to burn my skin. I had burnmarks the day after, i was also in the hospital for 2 days where they found smoke in my body and they thought i had burned myself on something and forgot about it. All of a sudden two pure white balls of light appeared. One started to fly around me, and the other one was a few feet from me also going in a circle around something. And the burning was gone, but i still could not breath, i ran so fast and i did not stop. It was during the blood moon last year. I have no idea what happend, i also told this to a priest, but he more or less laughed at me. Its a long story actually, and my dog was with me and she also felt it as she was running away hiding long before i realized what was gonna happend. Still thinking about that day, feels like it was yesterday as i remember every little detail about that night. Even remember the smell and the feel of the burn all around me. That was pure evil in its true form, i dont wish anyone in this world to experience that ever. I have no idea what these pure balls of light was, but i belive it was angels that saved me. So these spider spirits are not evil according to me, i belive they are more as a guide to help you on your path that you should be patient and stop weaving webs around you that holds you back. But i cant know for certain, so try to do some research about it. All i can say is from my own experiense with these spider energy spirits. So to me, you make this way more complicated than it probably is. But what do i know.
Regina Robinson (1 month ago)
I saw three black spider's last night back to back what does it means
Alexxa Vega (1 month ago)
3 days ago I had a dream of tarántulas attacking me. The feeling of them on my body was so real. Today while shopping I came across a toy store and what are the first toys I see TARANTULAS! So I YouTubed the meaning.
Daniel Wood (1 month ago)
After some time out of the spotlight, Spider seems to want it again. Yesterday, I was washing my hands, and getting ready for work. Trying to motivate myself for it. While in the middle of this action and state of mind, a lone Cellar Spider descended in front of me, literal inches in front of my nose, in all her spindly-legged glory. I watched on as she descended to the counter, and tried to land on the counter. For some reason, she couldn't, and she went back the way she came after a few attempts. It wasn't easy for her to do, but she had more success going back to the ceiling. So I'm left pondering the visitation, and how to realize the wisdom given.
Daniel Wood (1 month ago)
+Jordana Van Well, that's a mildly disturbing thought. Though if I were firmly at either pole, I doubt it'd bother me!
Jordana Van (1 month ago)
In my experience, true sanity and madness look a heckuva lot alike...
Daniel Wood (1 month ago)
+Jordana Van Something about the Hanged Man is delicious to me. I think it's the "am I mad or the only sane one in the world" question I get from it.
Jordana Van (1 month ago)
I suspect you're on to something with that Hanged Man reference ... So much of the work you are doing just now has to do with reorienting your thinking, changing how you look at yourself and the world and what is possible, and the Hanged Man does often mean doing just that!
Daniel Wood (1 month ago)
+Jordana Van I'm notoriously bad at divining the meaning of such visitations. However, I do have some thoughts on it. It may speak to my current state of mind regarding current living conditions. Came down, not having much luck with it, and now I want to backtrack, even with real or imagined obstacles along the way. Or it might be a direct message: "Hi, Spider here! You've made the trip and found you can't anchor yourself here. Time to backtrack and look for better hunting grounds. Better to deal with the small discomforts of climbing back than deal with the frustration of never finding your footing. Get on it!" I feel it important to note I was washing my hands. If the action is potent enough to warrant a phrase in our lexicon... Somewhat tangential, but I'm reminded of a reversed Hanged Man I drew with other reversed cards some time ago. I laughed at it--even upside-down, he was right-side up. Makes me think of that spider on the ceiling. Sometimes, what is best for us is contrary to the usual order of the world. Not an easy lesson to follow. Even dwelling on that makes me uncomfortable. And wouldn't you know it, another spider scurried across my windshield yesterday, a tiny yellow-green thing darting along like someone trying to get to their seat before the movie starts. And with how I was sitting, it was darting by mere inches from my face. That one I have no guesses on.
Mary Mald (1 month ago)
My first experience was about a year ago, I was sleeping and I opened my eyes and saw this huge spider like a tarantula crawling on the window next to my bed. I jumped out of my bed and turn the light on, nothing was there. Time went by and I continued to see a spider. Then I started sleeping with the light on and it stop for a couple of months, but two days ago I was sleeping I open my eyes looking up a the sealing and saw a spider coming down to me I covered my face with the blanket and then I looked again and there was nothing it was big and had long thin legs like the widow spider. It's so real every time I see the spider but there's no web. Why? I'm a single mom nothing bad going in my life just normal. Why do I hullicinate spiders. I don't do drugs I'm healthy maybe it's a sign that I'm gonna be rich someday 😂😂🤣
Nancy Serrano (21 days ago)
Mary Mald The same exact thing happen to me!! I see them early in the morning when the sun is berly shinning through the windows and as soon as I turn the lights, the spider is gone. I need answers😭
Crystal Van wijk (1 month ago)
Hey there my name is Crystal I'm not sure if u are going to see this but I have been having out of body experience and keep seeing huge black spiders that I can't seem to catch or touch I can see every detail on the spider the little hairs everything I have been woken up in mid act trying to get this damn spider and I am awake then it just disappeared I feel like I have been going crazy just a week before I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby I saw a baby spider very very clearly in the lining on my blanket I tryed to get it and there was nothing there it disappeared I took a preg test the next week and I was pregnant I am still seeing huge black spiders that r not there
Randomly seeing pictures of spiders everywhere (no real ones luckily) also seeing number 8s all the time.... Thanks
Spino Yen (2 months ago)
I had something on my mind that I was battling with. So I'm laying on the bed with my phone in front of me and the smallest spider crawls down it's web right in the middle of my face and the phone! I just watched it as it crawled back up like wow, that's never happened before jeje. Thanks again, your videos have helped me once again! ☮️💚😹👸👁️🔮
Mondo Mcmillan (10 days ago)
I had the same exact experience, except for I was on the porch about to smoke some medical weed and the smallest spider I have ever come across, just lands on my OddFuture Hoodie!!! And I've been seeing spiders for a loonggg time!!!
John Jobe (2 months ago)
My fear of spiders have led me to seek the wisdom of God to guide me in a very good lifestyle for the purposes of doing the will of God in Christ Jesus.
RageDrakax (2 months ago)
Funny, I was reviewing my recent and older works, and to my surprise, I heard strange sounds about a meter away, that same sound came from my bedroom, and this time it was much louder, so I turned my head to the left to see this fella crawling up these stacks of plaster and just stare at me. It seemed to be pretty smart as I successfully directed the meaty little spider away. It's close to midnight and it's darker than usual, 'contact' is stronger than before too.
Riley Lopez (2 months ago)
Not sure these are related, but a few years back I did dmt for this first time, and during my first trip i meet a giant Tarantula. The giant tarantula showed me other dimensions that overlapped our world.
I've seen giant spiders in the astral realm it was speaking a language I've never heard before but I could understand it weird......
Raylenes drawings (2 months ago)
Hello Jorana lovely met you two days ago i saw jumping spider on my front door then today what looks like i see not sure if its same spider but another jumping spider in my dining room on wall what could this mean i been having many dreams about shooting stars seeing white house in my dream i walk up too it in front it there many house in street but this one house catch my eye in dream please help me get idea what this all means thanks :)
Jordana Van (2 months ago)
Hi, Raylene! Dream interpretation and personal animal experiences are part of the professional services I offer as a Metaphysical Counselor. If working with me in my professional capacity resonates with you, you can find more information on my website, www.ravenlightholistichealing.com. Warmest blessings, Jordana
Oasisfullfilled (2 months ago)
I was driving and a yellow spider drops down in the middle of me started weaving a web. I scream so loud and started hitting it with a paper. I never seen a yellow spider before
Valerie Marie (2 months ago)
Thank you 💖
elisabeth ellison (3 months ago)
Awesome video , super thorough
Jordana Van (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, Elisabeth! :-) Blessings! Jordana
Kirsten McKinzie (3 months ago)
This video was incredibly helpful. Thank you! <3
Jordana Van (3 months ago)
You are so very welcome! And I'm so glad it was so helpful for you! <3 <3 <3
Asmrwithme (3 months ago)
I had this huge spider that lived in my door way from like April to October poor lil guy. He was huge and one day he spun a massive web in my front doorway, I took it as some sort of protection! I was scared of him but after that I wasn’t and I felt connected to it lol
Sian Lamair (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this beautifully channelled and well informed video.
Jordana Van (3 months ago)
I'm so glad that it was so helpful to you, Sian <3 <3 <3 Warmest blessings to you!
Jessica Coleman (4 months ago)
My dream was a black spider but someone was trying to catch it and kill it for me but it was running and got away
Sue L (4 months ago)
Everything about spider energy resonates with me during this time of my life. Thank you so much for the information. Thank you for sharing! I am so grateful for coming across this video!
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
I'm so glad it was so helpful for you, Sue! <3 <3 <3
Vickie Glenn (4 months ago)
Thank you very much for your in sight.
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
I'm so glad it was helpful for you! <3
Miguel Ángel Morales (4 months ago)
I've always loved spiders and tarantulas
Fernando Ramos (4 months ago)
I had this crazy dream last night i remember it completely.. First of all me and my kid went into some building we dont know why we went but we did went to the 5th floor. Went into someone apartment no one was home.. A flood came but it only went to the middle of my ankle and knees.. The water was calm not rush like a wave.. The water went away.. So we left and went outside my kid left some clothes.. So i decided to climb the building a window had bars as i was climbing my left leg got stuck i was hanging i was screaming i was stuck.. And brown spider decided to come down i was scared.. You know when a spider comedown on one web. That is what it was. The spider was brown but looked like a brown widow.. It wasnt on top of me it was on the left side.. I froze.. But the spider stopped.. I looked at the spider it didnt attack me.. It just stood still.. I was calm.. And then i woke up..at 3 am.. This morning.. I wan to know what this mean if there is a meaning or is it just a dream..
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
Hi, Fernando! Dream interpretation is part of my professional practice as a holistic healer and metaphysical counselor. You can schedule a session with me by visiting my website, www.ravenlightholistichealing.com. I would be delighted to work with you! Blessings, Jordana
Alicia Egan (4 months ago)
Thank you! I am new to Spirit guides and this was very helpful!
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
I'm delighted to hear that, Alicia! <3 May you find great joy in your learning and exploring!
Kemara Night (4 months ago)
I have recognized the spider as possibly being a totem of mine for awhile now but what caused me to delve deeper today is that yesterday (two days now technically since it’s like 2:30AM), on New Year’s, I saw a spider walking close by me on my bedroom floor. I had been in the midst of some minor decorating so it was cool seeing it as I saw this as me doing “a good thing”. I watched it walk from the floor up the wall near where I was working and instead of moving the little arachnid outside (what I usually do when finding spiders), I just let it live its best life, lol. Tonight however, I was preparing a manuscript to submit to a contest and at 1:07AM (note: numerologically that is the #8!!), after the manuscript was submitted and such before midnight, I just happened to look down and saw a different spider from the other day (this one small, beige-ish, kind of pretty :3 ) CRAWLING ON MY CHEST!! I’m wearing a sweatshirt so no harm but I was flabbergasted as the spider was so calm and never have spiders ever landed on me in my room (occasionally I will see one drop from the ceiling on a web which is why I realized they’re my spirit animal because I always noticed them in moments when I “shouldn’t have been able to” if you get me. Heck, even Jan. 1st I shouldn’t have been able to see the floor one since it was small and “blending”). It was moving horizontally and I was so surprised and jubilant, not scared in the least but actually VERY happy like I’m on the right path. I did freak out a bit when I tried to take it off with a paper and it started running UP my sweatshirt towards my face xD unfortunately/accidentally it fell off on to my bed and now I don’t know if it’s alive or might crawl up my pants :( but NEVERTHELESS!, I am just so happy to have this guidance and to be on a better path! 2018 was a BIG year of growth for me and so to see the payoff so viscerally and spiritually is downright magical :) <3 P.S. Hearing they’re blue-blooded and “manifesty” creatures is interesting as I was wearing a pyrite, turquoise, and tiger’s eye crystal choker during this “chest-encounter”.
Josh Johnson (4 months ago)
I have always been attracted to spiders, I see them in my dreams sometimes, they have also revealed things to me that was being kept from me. I thank them when they do.
Daniel Wood (4 months ago)
Merry Christmas! I hope you were able to find your spider ornaments in time for this year. If not, I hope you'll find it for next year. I found mine on Christmas Eve: a little spider with no web camped on my rear windshield, right at my eye level, after fetching something from my trunk. Either she was there the entire time and I didn't see her until I closed the hatch, or she dropped down while I had it open. A lesser presence, but present, all the same. May you get some much needed rest, and I hope we see you again soon.
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
Gwinna would tell you that her wildness simply cannot be tamed...not even by an offering of the variety of wet food that has our other cat, Tully, ready to sell us his soul in exchange for a taste. She does as she pleases regardless of any incentives to the contrary, and there is little that dissuades her from a course when she's set. We are fortunate that she seems to take all of her aggression out on our blankets. Lol! ANYWAY. As a Taurus, the words "road trip" always inspire the same sort of cautious curiosity for me as well. That being said, when the moment arrives, I have no doubt you'll simply Know that you are ready. You've done a lot of inner-work leading up to it, and so I suspect it will simply feel like the next logical step. May the ink flow, and may your healing flow in kind! Wishing you a beautiful day, Daniel, as always. --J
Daniel Wood (4 months ago)
+Jordana Van Gwinna sounds delightful. And that she's proof you can only tame a wild heart but so much. Thank you for the congratulations. I'm enjoying my pens and ink seeing greater use. Perhaps I'll be able to finish a bottle of ink this year. If I understand you correctly, it is good to hear you're seeing more productivity on your end, as well. It sounds like the recuperation a holiday brings did you good. I'm hoping life begins at least a little while before 40. I'd like some more time to enjoy the goodness, and I'm getting impatient. And you don't look a day over 29. : D It's funny, I read "road map" as "road trip," even though I've re-read the response a couple of times. Freudian slip, maybe. Another trip is what I'm considering, so it's front-of-mind. If they are indeed hunting spiders, I'm curious what they are pointing towards. They continue to maintain their stoic silence. I'll keep my eyes and ears open. If it is a sudden opportunity, I hope I'm ready to take advantage of it. I'm not known for quick movement. Just ask my sister about when we go shopping together. She gets irritated to no end. Thank you again for your blessings. May your New Year be blessed, as well, and may joy overflow for you. Warm Winds and Kindest Regards, -D
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
Lol! I suspect you are right about Gwinna. She has now taken to dragging any blanket she can find into a corner and ripping holes in it with her teeth. We think she wants bigger prey than the stuffed toys we give her, something that seems to fight back a bit. Poor little thing; here she's apparently a fierce and feisty killing machine...and she looks like a pumpkin and a pom-pom had a baby. CONGRATULATIONS on the shift you described...It is thus on this end as well, and so I hear you completely. As for Stephen King's words about career writers...The wise women of my family always told me, "Life begins at 40." Since I'm not too far from ascertaining the truth of that little piece of family dogma, I'll be sure to let you know! May those thoughts continue to crystallize into a road map, or at least into an inarguable pull to take the next step, even if that step is to go within. Though it might be added that many of those webless spiders are hunting spiders, and thus quick little devils when they see something that strikes their fancy. Perhaps all will shift even faster than you imagined. Wishing you blessings as always, Daniel, and much joy for the New Year! --J
Daniel Wood (4 months ago)
+Jordana Van Gwinna laughs at your hopes for peace. The feral kitty's heart is not one so easily tamed! I thank you for your blessings. They may have started to take root. I feel a shift from observation and consumption, putting down the controller and unplugging from the internet (ha, the Web!), and picking up the pen and book again. And most of the spiders that catch my eye are webless.... Steven King in his book "On Writing" said something about how the average career writer is at about 40 years-old when he or she finally reaches that stage. I always wanted to buck that trend, but perhaps there's a certain truth or wisdom to it, too. A rush too quickly into growth can be destructive, and I have a wealth of experience and musings to draw from. That said, you might be amused that when I put my headphones on this time, you were literally saying "[...]go after it! Go chase it down!" Yes, ma'am! I am hopeful to find that home. Thank you for that blessing, as well. Events around this Christmas are crystallizing thoughts I've been musing over lately. I hope your time of rest has left you energized, and ready to tackle the projects of this coming year. As always, I look forward to more of your work. Warmest Regards, -D
Jordana Van (4 months ago)
Merry Christmas to you as well, Daniel! I hope it was lovely and filled with warm memories and new joys <3 Your Marathon of Spider Visitations will make a wonderful story one day when all of this comes clear! No spiders on our tree this year after a little consideration of our youngest cat's tendency to knock ornaments off the tree and chew on them...All ornaments are presently shatterproof and somewhat resistant to kitty-gnawing. Not the most exciting tree we've ever done, but we did avoid vet visits and broken hearts over butchered ornaments! So I get to spend the year on the hunt for the perfect spider ornament (In the hopes Gwinna will not be quite so destructive by next year), which has me positively delighted. Small quests like these always bring a little thrill to daily life. I spent most of the holiday resting (definitely needed!) and writing, and you can be sure there was a writing blessing or six thrown your way. May the New Year bring Understanding and a creative flow every bit as potent as you could wish, as well as a new feeling of belonging and rootedness, whether it happens where you are now, or you find yourself in a new (or old) place that feels like home. Much love and all my blessings, J
Dana Jane Villanueva (5 months ago)
I’ve seen a lot of baby spiders early in the morning when I went to the bathroom. But I kill them using the insectides. What the meaning of that?
Natalie (5 months ago)
This video was amazing! I was bit by a recluse a week ago and my whole left side of my face swelled up that I had to go to the hospital. It bit me in my sleep (which apparently I found out from the doctors is very common for recluse bites), and I couldn’t understand why it happened. I have had black widows show up in my apartment and I was even bit by one hiking last year. I’ll have webs in front of my front door, so big that I can’t ignore. Well, it took this last bite for me to finally start researching what’s behind all these spiders! I actually feel so much more at peace after watching this video! Everything you said resonated with me, even the black widow part. Great video!
Time Warp (4 months ago)
This is so amazing, I was bit by a brown recluse also on November 28th and I learned so much about myself through the process. I was bit on the inside of my left ankle. Stumbled on this video and also found it helpful🕷️
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
Natalie, thank you so very much for sharing; situations like yours are EXACTLY why I make these videos, and I'm thrilled it resonated with you in a way that will help you make the spider bites a thing of the past. Wishing you love and peace and healing, Jordana
Angela Rios (5 months ago)
Thank you for your detailed, informative and thought provoking video. I've seen spiders my whole life in both dreams and reality.
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
Thank you for the kind words, Angela! I'm so glad the video resonated with you!
jsmyth024 (5 months ago)
Ahhhh. . . . that explains it. Once I put a crystal under my pillow(for fun, you know) and dreamt about a hundred black widows came out from a trap door in that exact spot! Glad I came to your video for advice, now I don't have to eat my husband - phew! :D
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
lol! I expect that your husband is also happy about this!
Widow Keeper (5 months ago)
Really nicely done video. This resonated very deeply with me and eerily accurate in its description of me and my life. Spider has been my guide and protector for as long as I can remember, especially Black Widow.
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
I couldn't agree more <3
Widow Keeper (5 months ago)
It warms my heart that you feel this way about them. Their reputation is so undeserved. I have solid respect for the power of their venom, I just don't see it as a reason for fear. My pet widows are probably the least scary spiders I have and I feel far more confident about opening their enclosures than I do some of my others. They're really very gentle and peaceful little animals. I hope one day humanity loses it's fear of spiders and starts to see their appearance as a sign of good luck instead.
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
Thank you so very much, Widow <3 I'm so glad that it spoke to you. It's always lovely to find someone who appreciates black widows. They are such beautiful, graceful little creatures (though I'm certainly not going to put myself at the risk of being bitten, I can admire them from a healthy distance).
Kim Elliot (5 months ago)
So I turned this on and noticed that there were 333 comments. This was after a spider was crawling on me in my bed. Wow!!
Emmett Harold (5 months ago)
Spiders keep appearing out of nowhere! I was in the bathroom and out of nowhere!!! Just randomly there was a tiny spider crawling up my leg! So I killed it! Sorry! Then... right after I went to bed and within 5 mins I had a spider (same looking spider as the previous one! Like a twin clone one!) crawling down my left side of my head by my cheek!!! I killed it!!! Sorry. And I am a very clean person! My house is spotless I have literally ocd! But idk why they just pop out of no where?! I swear no one else in my fam see them! They just pop out of no where by me! I was in bed and I saw this spider just coming from from the ceiling in a straight line just coming down towards me so I immediately (sorry) killed it. Does this mean something?????? They scare the living hell out of me!!! Idk why they appear around me!!! 😩😩😩😱😱😱
Brigette 5280 (5 months ago)
I’ve been having spiders in my dreams lately .. first one was a large green one with long green things coming out of it and it clamped itself on me and I could actually feel the pain.. last night it was a dead one in a plastic container and it too was very strange looking.. I’m having a very difficult time in my life, I quit a job after 8 years cause it was driving me crazy. So I tried to do something else but couldn’t handle the over night shifts so that lasted about a week 1/2. Now I’m unemployed and scared out of my wits ...kicking myself for quitting the 8 year job the way I did.. my daughter is unemployed with 4 kids and I am having to help her a lot soooo after watching this I’m even more confused about the spider thing. But I am glad I found your channel
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
My heart is with you for the hard times, Gidgy. (((((HUGS!!!))))) May clarity find you very soon, and may you soon connect with employment that you really, really enjoy. Blessings and love, Jordana
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
Spider appears to be having fun in the visits. A few days ago, she decided to manifest in a couple different ways. First: a web decal on a coworker's shirt. I noticed no spider in the web, and thought that was odd. I shouldn't have worried about this detail. She would be along shortly. Second: Coworker at lunch came in with a sub and announced he'd sit with me. When he unwrapped his sandwich, I saw what looked like a little bug on the wrapper. When he brushed it off, no, it was really a tiny spider, about the diameter of a pencil lead. She crawled on over as if to say hello, and to see what I was eating. Seems amusing now to recall I was having soup. I think it was a jumping spider, the color of charcoal or charcoal-brown with a bright yellowish highlight that ran along the edges of her body and head. Two different venues (visual art and actual), two different occasions. The duo of duos continues. Yes, Spider, I know you're there. I just wish you'd use your words. Maybe I should reflect on the number two. I do have a reflection on webs in relation to personal space/bubble. To me, the bubble implies an impenetrable shield, and that's not how I operate. Highly-charged emotional stuff tends to elicit emotional responses. Because of that, I take pains to avoid ingesting too much daily news and prime time television. I think you touched on this already, but the realization I'm running around with a web instead of a bubble was a revelation for me. May many blessings be yours, and Happy Thanksgiving.
Daniel Wood (5 months ago)
+Jordana Van Thank you for your words. They bring me some comfort. I was looking through my recent journal entries and my notepad, and saw I'd written about her several times; my misgivings about leaving her, and even just her name written repetitively for several lines. A friend of mine said I was with my dog in spirit because she was clearly on my mind. Maybe it's my own selfishness, but that doesn't seem good enough. I was denied being able to comfort her, and of the finality a deathbed vigil brings. Joey and I shared a birthday. I always took small measure of delight from that. I also took some pleasure in that "Joey" sounds like "Joy" if you say the name repeatedly. I've never heard those questions about a new dog. I don't often volunteer information about my life. Instead, I've heard other things, like "animals don't have souls, (the Catholics in my life)" and "you can't structure your life around a dog. (immediate family member)" These sentiments incense me. To the first, I'd say their god gave them life, and they have not fallen as Man has. And anyone that resonates with that second sentiment never should have an animal to begin with. They don't deserve them. Joey's mother, Emma, died years ago, but I still make time to remember her and grieve. Part of this is out of love. Part of this is selfishness on my part: leaving my concerns behind to mourn, to think of someone else, makes me feel better. When I reflect on Emma's death, I think about how it seemed she was trying to comfort ME. How even as broken as her body was, she still had so much love to give. Can I live up to her example? I doubt it. If you ever discuss dragonflies, I'll revisit this. But there were so many dragonflies that day. And the purple flowers on the roadside seemed to wave goodbye as we drove Emma to the vet. Almost as if they knew. Or I knew, and was in denial. I do understand the pain you feel at Kahlua's passing. I would never suggest you need another animal or tell you to get over it. These little ones are precious. They become a grounding force, and a harbor. Letting them go is really hard, no matter how it happens. If your heart is ever ready, I believe you will welcome another furry friend into your home. We understand the respect due such an honor, and don't take it lightly. I wish I could say more about Kahlua. I'm at a loss for words. What I can offer is my understanding, and my ear, should you need it. Even if you never take it, I hope you find comfort in knowing someone shares a view similar to your own on this. I still struggle with what Spider's message is or was. One friend suggested Spiders make a home and try to make it work as long as they can, so I mused about it being a call to return home. Another friend said that seemed I was trying to make it all fit that meaning. That seemed possible, too, so I'm left where I began: confused. I'm pondering if the Web might be a call to make our thoughts visible in some manner in order to capture and digest them. This thought came from a book I recently picked up about bullet journaling. I thought it was just another style of a planner, but there's a philosophy behind it its creator expound on. I'm only 42 pages in, but I believe I can sum it up: be deliberate with your finite energy and time, and be ruthless about what makes the cut. He suggests an exercise in writing up lists of Essentials, Shoulds, and Goals, then paring it down. Credit where credit is due, that first sentence is a very rough paraphrase from the author, re-written to suit my purpose. I believe you suggested lists in your Vulture video, but it resonates with me more here. Web equals thought, web is visible (especially after you run into it), and it realizes potential when it captures something. Thank you for your blessings. May your own grief continue to heal each day. May the joyful memories outnumber the sorrowful ones, and may they all bring you closer to a quiet and content heart, should it ever be troubled. -D
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
Oh, Daniel, my heart is with you for Joey's loss. Our much-beloved dog passed not too long ago, and I know what an ache it creates in the soul. Be sure to grieve for as long as you need to...It seemed as soon as Kahlua had passed, everyone had to ask me if we were getting another dog! As though she could be so easily replaced, and as though I should be over it! Joey was clearly very special. You've been through a lot, and grief can take a lot longer than people think. It may comfort you to know that I work a lot with people's animals, and they KNOW what is in our hearts. Our energy matters, not our actions. We do not have to be there for them to know that we love them. Even though you were not there, if you were sending her love, she would have received it. Regarding your move, in my own life, I discovered there were some things I just had to do so I could KNOW they weren't right for me, as otherwise, I would always have wondered (I have 7/8ths of a very expensive, and never completed!, master's degree for this reason!). Perhaps this whole process is just helping you better understand what you DO want, so you can soon go about the business of pursuing that. Whatever the case, I wish you ease in your grief, light for your soul, and flow in your writing. May your heart heal a little bit more every day. Lots of love, Jordana
Daniel Wood (5 months ago)
+Jordana Van Hello, Jordana. It's always good to hear from you. Unfortunately, you've caught me at an unhappy time. My dog died on the 6th. She was old, arthritic, and not eating much. I knew her time was coming, but I still thought I'd have time to get back home to say goodbye and see her through to the end. But I never got that chance. I woke up with a racing heart that day, and a text from Mom that Joey was gone. There are a number of things that bother me about it, but the only one I care to say right now is my guilt over not physically being there. It wouldn't have been easy being there, but it would have been better--a way to show her the respect she deserved. And I promised her I'd be there, but I was several states away. Mom was there...but I was not. I comforted a scared dog at work a couple days ago, and I couldn't help wondering if Joey felt the same when she died. If she looked for me, and panicked when she didn't find me. That day, I felt like a lone leaf on the surface of a pond, adrift. No real reason to go back, no desire to remain where I was. Since that time, I've become more convinced the correct action is to break old ties, leave everything, reforge everything. I guess you could call it the eating of my web. I ponder what I've gained by taking the risk to leave home behind, and all I come away with is an expensive lesson in mindfulness. I wish I'd have stayed. I ordered a pen the day Joey left us because of the Cherry Blossom finish: a symbol of the fleetingness and fragility of life. I hope she can forgive my absence, and that remembrance will be acceptable to her. The final part of a song called "The Giving Tree" by MC Lars always comes to mind when I think of my dogs that have passed on. I find it fitting. If Spider is still around, I haven't kept an eye open for it. My mind is elsewhere. I hope that you are doing well. May Yuletide bring you the joy of the season, and may your path continue to feed your soul. -D MC Lars --- The Giving Tree [MC Lars:] Now I'm back, and I can barely walk And I can barely talk, and I've sold all my stock So may I sit for a minute? I've got nothing left My life has been a journey, but now it's time to rest [Mac Lethal:] Even though I'm very old too please sit I can't tell you where the branches or the leaves went But I can tell you that it's time to sit, take a rest And process every single ounce of your stress [Lars:] Remember childhood? When it was you and me? Well now I'm finally home, and now I'm finally free You gave me everything, you were always there I close my eyes and drift away and I don't feel scared [Mac Lethal:] Remember childhood, when it was me and you? I'm the one that gave you everything, of course you do My natural calling was to always be here Close your eyes and die with me, thank you for the years.
Jordana Van (5 months ago)
And how ARE you today, Daniel?
Daniel Wood (5 months ago)
+Jordana Van Oh, I forgot: I HAVE been playing with the number 11, just in a different way: a specific date, the 29th. For some reason, major events tend to happen around that time. So, whenever that date rolls around, I'm hyper-alert.
Vorasgh Morqane (6 months ago)
I had interesting dreams last night that included these tan spiders with a greenish hue on the hind part of the body that they were jumping and crawling really strangely and they jumped on me and bit me as they wrapped tightly around my arms and legs until i tore them all off. Later in the dream i caught one of them in my hand and tried crushing it, but with difficulty it took about seemingly 30 seconds as it had a hard exoskeleton. I woke up and saw that my friend sent me a post from instagram of a richly blue spider. The symbolism correlates quite interestingly with my life lately. Great video by the way!
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
I'm so glad the video was helpful for you, Vorasgh! Blessings! Jordana
Atelik (6 months ago)
The ones that I've seen are very big for the area that I live in. Some of them seem similar to "Shadow people." Pure black, very fast movement, match your stare and seem to mirror you. When I fall asleep at night, I feel bugs or spiders on my body, sometimes running up my spine. I also usually see a spider in the very central part of my vision at most times. Just there like a symbol, transparent and it's legs moving. I wish it was easier to see these as a good thing, and I think I need to figure out exactly what spiders mean to me. :) All in time, perhaps. I certainly appreciate your positive outlook.
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
I'm glad the dose of positivity was helpful for you, Atelik <3 In my experience, the degree to which we see things as dark or frightening is simply a reflection of how we view our relative degree of safety in our lives (and this is usually a reflection of how much loss/trauma/wounding we have endured). When we feel insecure (unable to defend ourselves if we were attacked, or as though there are other forces more powerful than we are), it is natural to see this mirrored in the people and creatures around us. When we eventually come to the place where we no longer fear that we could be hurt, we no longer see so much darkness around us. This process takes time, and the first step really is just wondering if we could feel different than we do now. Wishing you joy, Jordana
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
Just a quick note of Spider's movements in my life, and an observation. In recent history (roughly the past two weeks), it's shown up in twice, in pairs. The first was the artwork on an ink bottle, and there happened to be a major ink sale going on (and what's one more bottle, really), and then on a coworker's dress at a Halloween work-party event. It looked like a cream country dress from a distance, but up close, spiders and scorpions formed regular patterns amongst the flowers. The next duo was visual and auditory. I was penning a grocery list, and when I looked up, a tiny, almost translucent spider, was crawling across my windshield. Almost seemed to pause for a moment to say "hey, what's up?" In that store I wrote the list for, I overheard customers at a distance talking loudly about spiders and related things. You get trios. Seems mine are duos. I just watched a video on Facebook of a webspinner setting her web, and I was struck by a couple of things: her precision and deliberate pace mostly, and to a lesser degree the flexibility of the web. And I thought: wow, what a labor of patience! And I had a knee-jerk rejection to that. It felt like a personal challenge, and I've seen this message of patience before. And it's anathema to me. One of the reasons I feel I have not achieved what I can is this over-abundance of patience. One thing I'll grant it: it is better to have a deliberate plan, and not just wade in flailing. And, in re-watching it, it looks more like she's pulling the strands of the web towards her as she weaves, rather than crawling out to the edges. Just wanted to share the observations. I hope you continue to have an excellent day. -D
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
+Jordana Van Fair warning: got a lot to say. Wade through when you got the time, and a cup of coffee. I laughed at "funnel." I see what you did there. Cake. Spiders. I love it. Option one seems applicable on a faint level. The second option feels the most true to my situation. Reading it had a cut-you-to-the-quick feel. It's a thought I've had often about my work and myself. I've discussed it with a friend of mine before, and he's a prime example. He went the route of trade schools and became a model maker: highly specialized work that yields a tangible product at the end you can hold, weigh, and test. I went the route of a liberal arts education, and married myself to the ethereal realms of writing: observation and the exercise of ideas. To me, it seems far more difficult to sell the gossamer of fantasy in this materialistic world. I understand what you're saying about the inherent value of Man. I agree with you. It's something I have difficulty accepting for myself, however. Blame it on the Capricorn in me, but I feel there is greater potential than what I have realized, and that is maddening. You've said before there are those who can settle and get by, and those who cannot. My idealism burns too bright and cuts too deep to find satisfaction in settling in the "mundane." If you're not pursuing your dreams, what are you doing? Is that a life worth living? That's a question I ponder frequently, among others. Your touching on intention reminds me of a conversation I had with my last vocal instructor. She asked me my motivation for pursuing music, and I told her it was ultimately financial gain. She resisted that. I'm not sure why. Maybe she saw something in me that I didn't or simply didn't believe it to be the best path. She suggested a book (The Icarus Deception)...which I still have yet to read. Looking back on it now, I'd say she was correct. More distantly, I'm reminded of wanting to be a marine biologist as a child. When I finally went SCUBA diving, I realized the truth: I just wanted to swim with the fish. Sometimes it's hard being honest with yourself because you don't know you're deceiving yourself. One of my favorite characters says something I think sums up my feelings: "I...just wanted to do something with my time on the stage worthy of applause." Meditation on spider has brought a couple new thoughts regarding the web. I think I understand now how I view the web as a sail: the way it blows on the wind, and the mental image of it unfurling. Along with that, the image of a map unrolled upon a table. The chain-link of the fences where I work reflecting the orb-weaver's strands also comes to mind. I've recently had the thought that maybe spider's been in the background for a long time, and is just now showing itself because it's the proper time to do so. I had my literal crisis of faith and dark night of the soul some years back, and working through it has taken a long time. Destruction of the ego and re-formation of an identity could be likened to the consuming of one's web, couldn't it? I enjoy our exchanges, too. I haven't had an outlet to discuss these matters in a long time. It feels good to explore them again. I know how it feels to have things demanded of you, and to be the one overly-demanding. I feel I've lost things because of it, so I think it far better to give without expectation where you can, and to exercise patience...even though my practice of it isn't perfect. You are generous in your responses. The least I can do is extend you the same courtesy. These exchanges have helped me to form and clarify the questions I would ask, which puts me more at ease. My wolf friend would occasionally do a tarot card reading for me, and I was always anxious about what question to ask, and how to phrase it. It was a rare happening, and I didn't want to squander it. My questions aren't perfect in my mind yet, but I'm coming closer to being satisfied with them. Baking won't be an option for me currently, but I am ordering a book on cursive writing. I think that'll be my creative outlet for now. I've always taken joy in my handwriting, and I wouldn't mind improving on it. No plans on pursuing calligraphy, but the rabbit hole is deep... If the universe sees fit to remove the barriers to my cake-baking, I'll let you know. I feel compelled to share a song. I'm not sure if I think you'll enjoy it or if it simply reflects feelings I have, but I'll include a link. The lyrics are in the description if you gotta hit the mute button. "Follow Down That River" by Leverage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrXy-y9A0NE May this day find you well. May the work continue to be rewarding. May wonderful things find you continuously. -D
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
​+Daniel Wood Okay, so I have two thoughts here: 1) Scorpio Mars' key word is passion (which you know), and when they find themselves blocked, it is often because the area into which they are directing their efforts doesn't rouse true passion, i.e., the thing itself does not stir their blood, OR the WAY in which they are going about it is preventing them from truly being passionate. In writers with this placement, it is often the case that some deep, dark, INTENSE, and sometimes "taboo" Scorpio thoughts and feelings want to flow onto the paper, and the individual is holding themselves back from writing those things down, or they are forcing themselves to write them differently, out of fear of what others will think of them for the content of their imaginations (and Lordy have I dealt with that myself!). It is entirely possible that you simply aren't letting yourself write what you REALLY want to write, or you're inhibiting yourself in so many ways that it's causing a blockage in creative flow. 2) The less-fun option: The Universe may be holding you here so that you can really examine your motivation for writing. Are you wanting to do it because you truly love it, or because you fear you are somehow Less Than without it (For ex, sometimes this is a lesson geared to help us see that we do not have to produce any sort of product to be valuable, worthy human beings. We can do absofrigginlutely nada, and still be perfect). Also, I wanted to express how very much I enjoy our exchanges, which I do believe is largely because you have been so very gracious about sharing your experiences without *needing* a response. This is a rare quality in people these days! And if further introspection does not yield the shift you are seeking, I'd go with the cake option! lol! Maybe bake something ridiculous. It wouldn't be writing, but it would be a funnel for a creative urge of sorts, and the Universe does tend to appreciate these things. Have a beautiful weekend, Daniel, and again, I wish you all the best.
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
+Jordana Van I'm honored you remembered my journey with Spider. She and I continue to labor to come to terms. I had to look up my Mars placement on the chart. According to the one I used, it says my Mars is 12 Degrees in Scorpio. I interpret this in such a manner: Are you angry? Get angry! Passion and obsession are what bring potential into realization for you. Continue to push until the goal is met. Though this could also be saying "dude, pick a course of action, and one spoonful of dirt at a time." Might need to look up some other sources to see if they shed any more light. Or arrange a session. I hope your day is a pleasant one, and that business continues to be plentiful and rewarding. -D
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
When I got in my car yesterday, I noticed a tiny white speck hanging from my steering wheel; it was a teeny tiny orb spider (who is now, I hope, living happily among the rose bushes where I relocated her), and I wondered how you were progressing with your Spider journey. I hear you on the patience . . . I've felt the same way a time or twelve. Sometimes waiting for the Universe to move everything into place and provide us with inspired motivation can seem like we are ALWAYS waiting. Do you know where your Mars placement is in your astrological chart? Mars relates to our way of accomplishing things, of taking action and moving through challenges. Perhaps there is something there that could aid you in figuring out whether you are being just as patient as you are supposed to be, or if maybe there is something underlying the lack of action-oriented energy that you could release. Wishing you an excellent day as well! -J
MidnightFUn12 (6 months ago)
you know whats scary is that i see spiders and either they are hallucinations or real because i always see them when waking up at night. the scary part is that i hope its hallucination because i just saw a damn spider bigger than my hands out of the window. i'm 6 ft tall and i do have big hands. and the spider that i saw i freakin big since i did compare my hands from the windows and the depth. probably almost twice as big as my hands.
Michelle Hixson (6 months ago)
MidnightFUn12 yes !!! I see one as I’m falling asleep !! It’s above my head ! It’s huge but I’ve gotten used to seeing it ... My youngest daughter sees the same thing ... I just want to know what it means
Alicia (6 months ago)
So seeing spiders that are not actually there is a good thing?? I kep seeing on other videos that is was a bad thing so now I’m confused..
John Adams (4 months ago)
Jordana Van it’s really hard getting info about these things on social media because you get people that say it’s witchcraft or something evil and others like you say it’s not bad it really is confusing
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
((Hugggs)) Ignore anything that makes you feel afraid, Alicia. There are no "bad" signs...Everything is geared towards helping us in some way. Sometimes a sign/animal/whatever may be trying to tell you that the path you are on is not one that is going to bring you where you want to be, or it may indicate that trouble is ahead, but this is always for our good. If you can recognize that your path isn't serving you, you can change it, and you may avoid a lot of that trouble! Or, in the case of trouble that we *cannot* avoid, knowing it may be coming can help us make our peace with it and benefit from it (I had this experience with Bat). A lot of us only learn when our lives get shaken up quite a bit, so we need some bumps in the road to help us grow and become truly happy. But as for the spiders, no, "Seeing" spiders that are not physically present is not a bad thing (unless we are talking about a diagnosed mental disorder featuring hallucinations, and not a spiritual experience). They may simply be helping you see how you may be "stuck" in your life, "caught in a web" of your own making, so to speak. Or they may be showing you that you are afraid a lot of the time, or are worried that you can't earn money doing what you would want to do. See if you can ask yourself how their presence might be trying to show you something about yourself or your life, or teach you something you need to know, and you'll be just fine. I have another video on my channel about Spider as a totem animal that might offer additional insights. Blessings! Jordana
infinite Psychic medium (6 months ago)
My Spider blue yellow what that message help I see 4:30 am
Trina Nelson (6 months ago)
this is so exact to what is happening to me currently that my mind is blown! I have never seen so many spiders in my life and now I can put it in perspective! Especially orb spiders for some reason that I never even knew existed until i walked smack right into it's web...2x!!!! thanks for your knowledge and sharing it with us! I won't be so freaked out now lol!
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for the kind words, Trina <3 And YAY for not being freaked out anymore! ) May whatever it is that those spiders are representing for you come perfectly clear, and may you effortlessly make use of the wisdom. Warmest blessings to you! Jordana
Crystal ouellette (6 months ago)
I'm scared to death of spiders. I've always have them "removed". Until this black and orange jumper appeared in my home over a month ago and I said let him be. He has come to me many times in my home and currently I'm 2 hours away from home on a construction job site and guess who tagged along. Very informative video
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
I'm so glad the video was helpful for you, Crystal! And GO YOU for your new outlook on spiders! They used to scare me to bits and pieces, too. Blessings! Jordana
ItsGigaHDMyNigga (7 months ago)
is that a sign ?
ItsGigaHDMyNigga (7 months ago)
funny thing JUST happened today as i drop this comment i was watching youtube videos on entreprenueship & i got up to stretch. soon as i turned around, i saw a big black spider use its web to crawl down ALMOST on top of my head! i killed it. i think i have a sixth sense for spiders cause they always end up near me but i always end up noticing them!
Thaxton Waters (7 months ago)
You hit the ABSOLUTE nail on the head. Granddaddy long-leg has been following me around the house. I live and let live but after awhile I began to wonder which sent me here. Thanks. *tips hat*
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Thaxton! I'm so glad the video gave you what you were needing to know. Blessings!! Jordana
Dzogchen K (7 months ago)
Great video ☺️ thank you 🕷✨💖 happy creating 😁
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
Thank you so much, Dzogchen! And happy creating to you, too!
Petricia Fraser (7 months ago)
I dream of myself and a good male friend of mine under a spider web their was 3 spiders in the web the web became like a netting over myself and this male friend I felt no fear just was surprised to come my male friend lieing and smiling at me the 3 spiders wasn't trying to harm me they were just their minding their own business. I would like to know the meaning of this dream
Cynthia Ingram (7 months ago)
I walked out thur the garage of a place I am renting and seen a huge one in the corner outside of the garage!.....It had made a big web. Kinda cool to look at and the spider was like yellow and black. I also think it had the #8 inside the web. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I left it alone, as well
Daniel Wood (7 months ago)
And just when I thought I was done with the Spider...it pulls me back in. Building a web over the bowl my shaving soap is in (seriously, little one, why?), leaving spider-silk over the bridge of my glasses (again, why? I use both things all the time!), and in the postings of another person. From that person, first a gray ink with the name of "Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey," then that same person the next day drawing a spider in the center of its web, with some individual meanings of Spider written in the web. ...I guess I did ask the Wider World for clarity. We live in a strange place. I was in the market for a gray ink. Think I know what I'll be getting!
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
+Jordana Van I'm happy to know my efforts are effective and appreciated. Most times when I write, I agonize over it, no matter its length. I'm sure you know the process: asking yourself if something fits, if it's easy to understand, wandering away and returning, etc. I'll continue to put in the effort as long as it continues to delight. A muse would still be most welcome. I'll even set out the coffee and cakes.
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
+Daniel Wood Though it may not seem so from this relatively brief reply, I actually deeply appreciate your "long-windedness." And it never comes across as rambling; rather, I can clearly see your thought-process and the resulting depth of exploration, which in an era of sound-bites, is quite welcome (though to be clear, I get some seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriously long comments, messages, and emails from folks, and length and depth do not necessarily go hand in hand! ). When you are able to finally make connection with your muse, I've no doubt the results will be worth the long wait.
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
+Jordana Van Happy (belated) Halloween to you, too! No ease of conversation with arachnids here, but that's par for the course. I seem to have a preference for the difficult, no matter how much it vexes. I do partake of cocktails every now-and-again, and I can confirm that singing is much easier after a couple concoctions. It goes from an active thought of "I'm singing," and the associated stress, to a simple action. Not sure how it could help the dexterity of your fingers, though. Playing piano sober is hard enough for me! The pleas of your piano instructor remind me of an animated show I've seen before. The main character constantly complains how a supporting character is "mercilessly killing the piano" every time she plays it, and takes it upon himself to expose her to "proper" playing. Funny how the same notes can be played so differently. I'm eager to meet my muse. He or she or it either hasn't seen fit to show up yet, or I don't yet have the perception to sense it. I keep thinking, if I can emote a larger-than-life character, the confidence to do the more subtle actions and emotions will follow. That still feels a long way off, but at least there's a goal to shoot for. Your focus on Wolf kicked up a surprising amount of emotion in me. You've struck a chord, and there's a number of things attached to it. The easiest thing I can tell you is what it isn't: people being intimidated by me. I'm not a frightening individual. It does make me think of a dear friend I haven't spoken to in a long time, a Wolf person. Not feeling connected to what I desire, or to those of truly like-mind. A keen need to separate from what is and find what matches the ideal. I believe you're onto something. A thought I had was more like orb and wandering spider referring to different aspect of the same general animal. For example: Web-Spinner: Fine to be stationary and cast out your sail, to collect thoughts, emotions, sustenance. Establish roots and connections, boundaries. Not sure why "net/web" reads in my mind as "sail." Wanderer: Break ties. Break boundaries. Uproot. Aggressive action. I have no definite feeling of its certainty, but it makes sense to me. I lean toward a yin-yang view of things. I'm happy my spiders have proven a delightful distraction. I'll be happier when they make plain what they're trying to convey. If they do, I'll be sure to let you know. And thank you for slogging through my ramblings. I'm long-winded. I can't help it. May this day find you well, and may the spirit of Jazz see fit to help you call it forth in your music-making.
Jordana Van (6 months ago)
​+Daniel Wood Happy Halloween, Daniel! I do hope this has found you and Spider conversing with ease, but if not, your last spider visit made me wonder if perhaps Wolf might be an added piece of the puzzle. Perhaps you somehow see yourself as wolflike...needing a pack, or feeling like the lone wolf (which is actually a myth, but applicable none-the-less!), or feeling as though people *see* you as a wolf (In Ye Olden Days of Manifest Destiny, and to a certain extent in modern times, the Wolf was viewed by many Christian believers as an adversary to be destroyed, as it stood in the way of Man taming the wild and the beasts as God had ordered. A great deal of fear and prejudice, understandably, was the result, and wolves were culled with abandon. So Wolf often means we feel misunderstood, and that people will fear us because they do not understand us). Just further food for thought...I do love a good puzzle, and your obstinate spiders have intrigued me. Also, my piano teacher used to *implore* me, for the love of God, to drink some wine before I played, because I lacked the ability to play jazz (and most other things!) with any sort of feeling. She thought I held myself and my emotions too tightly (I did) and that the wine might loosen me up. Alas, we never found out, because I do not drink alcohol, but should I ever find cause to do so (doubtful, but you never know), the first thing I will do is see if I can play jazz with some spontaneity and feeling! May your muse and your capacity to emote arrive soon and get you a little closer to accomplishing what you are wanting. Have a magical Halloween! Cheers! J
Daniel Wood (6 months ago)
+Jordana Van I'm a believer in fair trade. I've lost things in my life by not observing it. If my previous instructors were not the ones to help me realize my greatest potential, that future teacher must be something else. The ones I've had have taught me many great lessons: my true voice vs. expectation, physical sensation vs. listening, posture, the importance of choosing words wisely during visualization, and so on. They also have the patience of saints. My instructors would have been tickled pink if I emoted with little effort. Unfortunately, I've either trained myself to be, or find comfort in, being aloof. It makes expressing emotions without over-critical self-judgment harder. I think my sense of urgency comes more from dreams unrealized against the timeline and plan in my head. Though I guess you could call an unrealized dream a denied voice. I will take, and make use of, your "I will express myself without inhibition" mantra/exercise. I can see the power in this. Simple, but gives me something else to focus on other than my stage fright. Though I must admit the idea of that joyful flow without trepidation hard to wrap my mind around. It's funny you mention spider's web, because either just before or just after (I can't remember the timing of it now) reading your reply, a small spider climbed onto my desk and decided to camp out for awhile. Not sure the type, maybe a wolf spider. First thing I noticed was the fangs. Never constructed a web, it just sat there while I took pictures of it. I was looking over some paperwork for a job, and when I thought about it being a sign to go for it, I didn't feel any push toward it. Little spider came to mind's-eye later when a couple individuals suggested things I was resistant to: fangs bared, in that classic defensive pose. So, I guess my spider was something different from the general read: be aggressive in standing for your convictions. A little show of support for me. That, or I'm naturally feisty. Thank you for your blessings, and may your own day find you well, and full of joy.
Daniel Wood (7 months ago)
Spider = Joseph Campbell mascot
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
Lol! Accurate.
Washington Umbelino (7 months ago)
it's so true I never believed In that things but for what is happening I my life it makes sense looks like I'm getting messages all the time my feelings when I sense something .I don't know I'm shocked , life is so beautiful .thank you for the video .
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
You are so welcome, Washington. Best wishes for you journey; may you continue to feel guided, and may you always find beauty in your life. Jordana
Dee Lala (7 months ago)
Out the blue I’ve started seeing 2 all black spiders and one brown spider and one I found dead 5 in all back to back also one outside i nocked the web down it make it right back in the same spot .. was wondering and come upon this video... just moved into a new place new town
Epytome Productionz (7 months ago)
Like spider-man. "With great power comes great responsibility"
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
Lol! Accurate!
Daniel Wood (7 months ago)
I don't know if it's true of all spiders, but the ones I've run into lately build their webs quick. On my car. When it's parked away from trees and bushes, and moved on a regular basis. I literally have some spider web strands that cross over my backup camera now. Cats, and now spiders. Seems like I get to ponder what I consider shadow creatures.
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
Agreed <3 Namaste!
Daniel Wood (7 months ago)
+Jordana Van It is through stories we see the web we all inhabit, and the circular Nature of everything. To evoke an old truth: Everything is connected. You and I are the same.
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
You're a kindred spirit, Daniel. I always enjoy sharing stories as well.
Daniel Wood (7 months ago)
This pleases me. Makes me feel a little like a traveling minstrel, sharing stories with the people far and near.
Jordana Van (7 months ago)
After your last comment, I did a little research on the folk tale, and ohmygoodness, I love all the Christmas spider stories!! <3 We have a passion for folk tales in my family, and I will enjoy sharing them. I may even need to find a spider to hang in the tree :) Thanks, Daniel!
Faith Fitness (8 months ago)
How do I get a reading
Jordana Van (8 months ago)
Hi, Faith! If you visit my website, www.ravenlightholistichealing.com, all the information for scheduling a session with me is there. Warmest blessings, Jordana
Amanda Merry (8 months ago)
Thank you! Spider has followed me for years. Baby spiders used to spin webs off of my head for years. Suddenly I'm seeing a lot of wolf spiders, 2 of them scary Rabid Wolf Spiders! Never seen anything so big before!
Tally H. (8 months ago)
Just had a wolf spider jump onto me while outside swinging on the porch swing. No idea how it managed. Spiders are also my spirit animal/totem/guide/whatever. It came to me in a dream after I mediatated the day before and asked to see a sign of some kind in my dream. My sister imitated a spider in my dream and I had to save her from herself, and then the day after a spider jump onto that same sister while on a car ride and she rolled down the window to get it to leave. The wind blew it back onto me. So yeah, spiders have some kind of importance to me. Wish I could find out what this wolf spider crawling on me today means. Can't seem to find it out though.
Shell T (8 months ago)
This spoke to me. Thank you very much!
Jordana Van (8 months ago)
I'm so glad! And you are so very welcome <3 <3 <3
Tsukiko Usagi (9 months ago)
What's really, really weird about my spider is she's sitting in the direction of my alter. My alter is near the front door and she's outside on the same level as my alter and near the door. She's a writing spider. It's like she knew where I set it up and set herself there too. Like she wants to sit with me. Although I've been having times when animals know where I am. I'm followed by owls, and they too know where my alter is. I actually got scared about her being in my direction. Idk why or what she's doing here other than to protection.
I have these things happen alot.. your just in the nature vibration..so your getting acknowledgements and signs..from those your noticing more perhaps now. 🎇🕯🖋🗝🕸
Daisy Duke (8 months ago)
Tsukiko Usagi Hi! Your post is Amazing‼️ I've seen the same tarantula in my yard twice on 2 nights in a row. I'm sort of creeped out. I'm new to the Southwest USA and I never saw this type of spider irl.
Rachel D (9 months ago)
The best video on spider messages that I've seen yet :) This video was exactly what I needed to hear, fits perfectly with what I'm experiencing right now. Thank you!!
Jordana Van (9 months ago)
Thank YOU so much for the kind words, Rachel <3 I'm so glad to know that the video resonated with you, and that it arrived at the perfect time. Warmest blessings for your journey and big (((Hugggs))), Jordana
Goldmine810 (9 months ago)
Oh my God I'm only 4 minutes and 39 seconds and and I must say you are spot-on I love it so much like I'm going to follow you now and I will donate to you the best way I can in due time
Jordana Van (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for the kind words, GM <3 I'm so glad the video resonated with you. And just focus on developing your own happiness :) I work with paying clients in my day-to-day healing/counseling practice, but I do the videos just for the joy of doing them. So you using something you realized during one of the videos to help yourself is pure awesomeness in my view <3 Warmest blessings and much love, Jordana
Goldmine810 (9 months ago)
Wow im an 8
TheDarkestLight2011 (9 months ago)
Wonderful perspective. I can say spiders always remind me that we are all connected. In La Kech a la Kin.
DelValle Studios (9 months ago)
This same spider follow me everywhere no matter how hard I try to escape it. Saw it on my windshield tried to brush it off with the windshield wipers. Thought I did. Drove all around town, went to my friends house. Opened my back seat door to get something out & it was right there in the opening of my door. Tried to pour water to get it to go away, & it literally disappeared. Literally drove to another city 1hr away definitely sure it was gone. Got to the new city & it was STILL IN MY CAR. Now one week later (yesterday) I’m driving, I look at my dashboard, look down & it’s ON MY LAP while I’m driving! I literally had to pull over to try to get it out of my car. Now this morning when I dropped my friend off to work & he went to get his equipment out of my back seat he said there was a spider in his bucket..... reallllyyyyy trying to understand all this 😭😭
Gasman Gwap (9 months ago)
I've seeing spiders all week. Yestaday I seen a lil black one today I saw a brown one.
Dallas Cook (9 months ago)
You this lady saved me and thank you so much 🙏🏼
Jordana Van (9 months ago)
You are so welcome, Dallas; I'm so glad this was so helpful for you, and that it was there for you at the right time. <3 <3 <3 May everything else that you need come to you with the same ease, and with joy. Warmly, Jordana
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
you are a gift from God!
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
thank you, i needed to hear these things.
Jordana Van (9 months ago)
You are so very welcome <3 I'm so glad the information resonated with you so strongly, and that it was there for you when you needed it. I have another video on my channel about Spider as a totem, which is slightly different than it being a spirit guide (spirit guides are temporary messengers, and they leave once we "get the message" and apply it, whereas totems are linked to the transformative challenges we face in life, as well as to aspects of our personality). The totem video may also have information that would be helpful to you, though if it does not, do not worry about it! We are never intended to "make" something fit us; it either feels right or it does not. Warmest blessings to you, 9/11, and much love and light for your journey. The video link is here if you need it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYSpkZtNKJE
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
true, spiders are really creative in thought...
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
you look at things so wonderfully, a beautiful mind.
The DrunkenFrogg (9 months ago)
I had a strange dream I had found a tarantula skin on the floor next to my bed I ended up finding the tarantula in the corner of my bedroom behind my door and ended up killing it . I remember it being a light shade of brown with a darker brown patch on its back . I’m wondering if there’s a deeper meaning to it.
Scorpio Rising 1626 (9 months ago)
Wow. This video was my missing link to my rebirth and transformation in life. You’re my spirit animal 😝
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
i have always killed the spider, but I will never do that again! Wow, I am so amazed, but a moth lead me to this video, does this see strange?
Jordana Van (9 months ago)
Lol! I think that may be one of the highest compliments I've ever been paid, MS! :) Thank you for the kind words and the laugh, and I'm delighted the video was so helpful for you <3 Warmly, Jordana
Panda T (9 months ago)
This was so hard for me to look up... I so afraid of spiders!!!😰😖
Jordana Van (9 months ago)
Kudos for pushing through the fear! I hope you were able to find what you needed. Blessings! Jordana
Jean (9 months ago)
I saw a small light brown spider the web was broken and hanging down straight to my bed .so I took it very carefully and put it out of my window.....what's the meaning to this...please kindly help....Thank you so much for this beautiful video..... With all my love and gratitude Blessings love and light.....
Jean (9 months ago)
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS ...Thank you so much....your truly amazing and beautiful..... God bless you.....love and Gratitude..... Blessings love and light.......
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
your mind is beautiful
605 Skate Krew (10 months ago)
I’ve been seeing a lot lately everywhere I go and read up on it and yes it’s nice to know could be a sign from a higher power but I’m not just gonna let a Brown Recluse or poisonous spider roam freely in my house and risk getting bit fuck that! Just saying not all spiders are signs sum need to be dealt with
9/11 TRUTHSEEKERS (9 months ago)
i like how you think
605 Skate Krew (10 months ago)
Jordana Van Another encounter earlier today at my moms.. Walked out the door to leave felt sumthing on my hand and yep sure as shit a little jumping spider.. Got spooked and shook my hand and it jumped off didn’t kill it though lol.. I heard in the native way if a spider is on you or is walking towards you it means bad luck but idk
Jordana Van (10 months ago)
Lol! I couldn't agree more with you, Skate! There is a HUGE difference between viewing something as a sign...and tossing all common sense out the window and putting yourself into the place to be harmed by that creature. Even those things that can hurt us can be "signs"; I've done a lot of work with Black Widow in the past, for example, meaning that when she shows up, I pay attention, and I ask myself if there are any lessons related to her wisdom that I need to learn (there usually are). But I sure as heck am not going to let her sleep in my bed! When possible, poisonous creatures are removed from our house with love and placed back outside (My husband is an expert at this, and if needed, we call animal control), but when they cannot be removed without risking harm to ourselves, they are thanked profusely for their wisdom and then dealt with appropriately. The same goes for creatures like bears or mountain lions; it may really mean something when you encounter them, but this does NOT mean that the Universe wants you to go up and hug them! Being able to see things as signs does not mean that one should also abandon one's common sense; as in all things, balance is the key here. Hope that helps! You can most definitely learn lessons from Spider without having to have an up-close-and-personal encounter with one :)
Darricka Dukes (10 months ago)
I just found a small black spider in my bed
ishwor Poudel (10 months ago)
Every night a black long legged but it's body is round black and small. I have experienced that exact same spider like 4 times now. I just simply catch it very gently and get rid of it. I don't think it's poisonous and neither i see him other times or anywhere in my house. He just walk slowly and comes to me. What message does he has for me???
ishwor Poudel (10 months ago)
How am i supposed to get in touch with you? Can you provide me your email id please? I want some answers to my question please?
ishwor Poudel (10 months ago)
Thank You Jordana
Jordana Van (10 months ago)
Hi, Ajay! You can reach me through my website, www.ravenlightholistichealing.com. Blessings! Jordana
NJCurvy Barbie (10 months ago)
Last night I got to my bed & went to hook up my phone to the charger....found at least a dozen baby white spiders in my bed. 😭
Leen Mhanna (10 months ago)
A couple months ago I found six spiders in my bedroom... I never slept that night 😣
NJCurvy Barbie (10 months ago)
2 minutes after posting, 1 of them just flew down to my shoulder.....watching this video in the dark & it flew past my eyes 😞
Monique Perez (11 months ago)
I had a dream of a black and white spider it kept jumping on me, I think I was bit by it
Anita Kania (11 months ago)
I have just dream black spider landed in my right palm .I dont felt afraid as if someone put on my hand. then I was awake..prayed that if it means bad ..in Jesus Name I rebuke it .
Jesus Olivas (11 months ago)
Well the last time went with my gut i almost kill myself and my father on a cliff while i drived in to a snow storm Even though i been waking up suddenly while seen this small black spider webbing down very closely to my eye while spinning
shevplay4 (11 months ago)
Just little scared of my son he said he saw a big white spider he run start screaming and crying it have him so jumpy dont know what he seeing but i look all over cant see anything
Silver Reyes (1 year ago)
I have been seeing black spiders the past week every day . Everything you said hit on point, I need to get in contact with you
Jordana Van (1 year ago)
I'm so glad the video was helpful for you, Silver <3 For professional guidance, you can visit my website, www.ravenlightholistichealing.com. All the information on scheduling a session is there, and I would be delighted to work with you. Blessings! Jordana
J M (1 year ago)
This was VERY Relevant after seeing two black widows, spider webs in random places, and a spider bite on my arm within 1.5 weeks..
AlusaBird2 (1 year ago)
What might you say if I saw a black widow sitting in the middle of an orb weavers web in my mindscape?
Jordana Van (1 year ago)
I'm so glad it was helpful to you, JM! And may that be the last of the spider bites! Blessings, Jordana
I had this weird dream a while back where a black and orange tarantuala visited me in a dream. It stung me after hovering over me for a moment. I believe it was a warning. It looked very feminine.
Alejandro Ochoa (1 year ago)
Rogan Torment I had the same exact dream bro I wasn’t afraid of it but it just hover over me and stung me in my lip the next day I had a bite on my lip but I know for a fact it was a dream that’s crazy
taylor boggis (1 year ago)
Everything you explained is my life and you really helped me open my eyes thank you
Jordana Van (1 year ago)
I'm so glad the video was so helpful for you, Taylor <3 Love and hugs for your journey!! Jordana
M (1 year ago)
i have always been deeply terrified by spiders (arachnophobia) and i am suffering greatly from this. i always felt a strong link from this phobia to the narcissistic abuse by my mother i still am experiencing. i‘m amazed by your spiritual teachings and to find that almost all of your videos on totem animals are about either my own or the ones of my friends and family. i have read that other people experienced similar synchronicities with you. and even though you probably already know this, i wanted to tell you that the world needs your healing so badly and benefits greatly from it. so thank you... and please continue to shine like you do. much love ❤️
Jordana Van (1 year ago)
M, it's messages like yours that keep me doing what I do; I am so, sooo glad to know that my work has been helpful to you, particularly with regard to helping you heal the wounds of the abuse you experienced. Thank you so very much for your kind words and encouragement, and I wish you swift healing and nothing but joy from here on out! (((((Hugs))))) and blessings, Jordana
Love God (1 year ago)
Megan Becker (1 year ago)
Is there any way that I can message you?
Jordana Van (1 year ago)
Hi, Megan! I respond to serious business inquiries through my website, www.ravenlightholistichealing.com. :)
Loulou Nederlof (1 year ago)
thank you beautiful woman
Debbie Godley (1 year ago)
Great insight, very clear thank you
Jordana Van (1 year ago)
You are so welcome! I'm so glad to know that that was your experience <3 Warmly, Jordana

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