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Tentsile tree tents: floating treehouses mimic spider webs

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Treehouse architect Alex Shirley-Smith wanted to create a portable treehouse, a kind of ready-made, floating shelter that could be assembled in any backyard, wood or even city streets. In 2010 Shirley-Smith released several tree tent prototypes inspired by spiders' webs. "A spider always uses three anchoring points and the web finds its own position in space that's a circle in between any of those 3 points. So as long as you've got 3 anchoring points this tent will find its own central position to create its own shape inside that triangle. The whole thing is sort of taken from spider's web technology or you know, what exists in nature. Biomicmicry." After refining 11 prototypes, Shirley-Smith and partner Kirk Kirchev finally released a production model tree tent- the Tentsile Stingray. Using just 3 tree straps, 2 poles and one fly sheet, the Stingray will shelter up to 4 people in mid-air. It takes about 10 minutes to set-up and a few minutes to take down. And best of all, it is one size fits all. The tent can be used as a camping alternative- to keep you comfortably suspended above any animals, bugs or uncomfortable rocks-, but the design could also prove the basis for a new type of eco-village. Kirchev dreams of one day creating a community of (much larger) tensile structures where portable villages could be mounted and disassembled in a day, leaving little impact on the forest floor. Tentsile: http://www.tentsile.com/ Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/tentsile-tree-tents-floating-treehouses-mimic-spider-webs/
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Text Comments (2298)
juan tonello (2 hours ago)
that was my idea. i draw it in 2012.´hm LS
Dipo Purnawirasaba (12 days ago)
woaww.. i like the model of the tent. is there already in jakarta ? or where can i buy ? and what is the price ? please answer
LifeLikeSage (13 days ago)
8:32 Maybe you should have that tent higher in the air, passerbys could be tempted to grab some butt.
the joker (26 days ago)
Looks difficult to shagg in there
Kratos314 (1 month ago)
3 people in one non-ventilated tent = rain forest by morning
TJ Murphy (1 month ago)
So it's basically a very expensive and impractical hammock
Dion St. Michael (1 month ago)
Not impressed. Especially, for winter camping. Not at those outrageous prices. I could build a cozy shelter out of sticks and dirt for free and be twice as comfortable. Lol!
PSMTCHEF (1 month ago)
what a rediculous footprint you need for this. your covering alnost the whole area lol. Looks cool tho.
I never camped just one night but i can see why most of chrysalis hang in the air esp. Tree branches. H h smartest idea.
JediStockTrader (1 month ago)
All fun until a wind storm and lightning show up to the party.
Krowman84 (1 month ago)
1.Can it protect from bear? and 2.Can you have sex in it?
rlasnf11 (1 month ago)
FightForTruth (1 month ago)
Hopefully, nobody in your party ends up with camp gas...which is usually worse that your farts at home due to abnormal food and diet, because it doesn’t look like there is much ventilation.
유에프오 (1 month ago)
Subhan Arza (1 month ago)
Berapa harganya bagaimana cara membelinya
Absinthe2401 (1 month ago)
Expensive and not practical. A window or two would be nice. A gimmick really
Pedro Fajardo (1 month ago)
Bery good
Marty Morrison (1 month ago)
zombie world ? ah you mean fantasy world right.
TheVasya174 (1 month ago)
Raven One (2 months ago)
UHT= Un-Identify Hanging Tent
Charles Ruffing (2 months ago)
The first time you run into a massive grizzly in the wild you will see why one of these high off the ground is beneficial Everyone below is bear food.
MsGerasimm (2 months ago)
Наверно комфортно urinate лёжа на животике.
gilles maljournal (2 months ago)
Et par temps d'orage ? interdit a cause de la foudre ....
one way street (2 months ago)
that still can't protect you by those bigfoot running around taken people
stan dalone (2 months ago)
How about "cloud tent"
--cLAsic-- (2 months ago)
Bad News . The UK has now made these tent illegal , along with camping . . You dont dare complain , because you will be thrown into jail and your house will be given to a refugee
Нормально .ты обезьянка молодчина.
Lord Marshall (3 months ago)
Those ratchets are heavy, not a good backpack tent. Might get you sea sick in the wind. Looks fun maybe, don’t have to worry about a flash flood
Cerzeto 81 (3 months ago)
Must be to fuck. Enjoing the shake.
Lee Smith (3 months ago)
$650. You never said anything about the materials used. Like a hammock your underside will be cold at night. Like a tent, when you touch the sides it will lose its water resistant properties. Who needs a mobile village? I purchased my tent that sleeps 8 for a lot less. Usually the fire is the center of attention and not the tent. I just don't go camping and stay in the tent. Go back to the mobile village. Why? Tents accommodate all terrain but this requires trees or poles.
MarkOfTheNorth (3 months ago)
This just looks like someone trying to be too clever for their own good. Too much work, too much time, needs a stand of trees, and probably much colder than being close to the ground. No thanks.
Syrni1 (3 months ago)
I think this is a neat idea however I see many problems especially in the area I live where we get frequent and very strong wind thunderstorms. It's just going to become a sail and make for a very bumpy night in 70 mph winds. What if I am still half asleep and need to pee in the middle of the night? I am just going to end up tumbling out of the tent lol
intezamable (3 months ago)
make one with the use of any poles so it ceases the legal definition of tent
lucious brun (3 months ago)
It's a good idea but needs more work; for a serious tent buyer it needs to be proper rain proof, and then maybe it would be worth $600. As it is, $200 is too much. Just trying to help. Also, there's probably no reason you couldn't make it work on the ground too.
Josh Blount (3 months ago)
I'd probably still bring a blanket to use as bedding though. Sleeping in a hammock in cold weather will leave your butt cold. Having an insulating padding built in the bottom of the Tentsile helps.
Mark Leigh (3 months ago)
What weight will they take?
Peter Tremblay (3 months ago)
Dying with a bear eating your ass is not something i am going to try!
Alex Carrion (3 months ago)
I wonder how much turbulence can it take during those good bouncy nights🤔🤗😉😙
Alann Hod (3 months ago)
Lmfao the dude at the beginning putting his rope 20 feet up that's like what I would do :'D!
parsoniareigns (3 months ago)
Daniel Helderman (3 months ago)
would love to try one.
andy d (3 months ago)
Looks like a lot of fun.The only thing that would concern me is how long it would be before some bright spark pokes a pin through the bottom and into your arse or lets one of the ratchets go while your fast asleep!
You (4 months ago)
I want 3
gn urf (4 months ago)
too much weight and trouble for trecking; too expensive to use at a Garden or longer stay; there I used to build up a trampoline mat from a broken trampoline and some slacklines- put your tent or a moskitonet over it an it is more robust, cheaper and useful than this.
Mike Adkins (4 months ago)
Never twist straps. Make them flat, and properly install them. Price is absurd .
kris text (4 months ago)
what about thunderstorms and downpoor
John Smith (4 months ago)
The British camping kinda like Chinese pizza
Andy Sjostrom (4 months ago)
I LLLLLllike it!
Wawwwww i Love it
Detecting Rose22 (5 months ago)
Very interesting what a awesome idea thanks for sharing
Alejandro Jimenez (5 months ago)
I hope Walmart start making this kind of hammock soon.
cristobal manns (5 months ago)
look not confortable :s
Manko Kennewick (5 months ago)
camping in a swamp maybe
Chris Adams (5 months ago)
tree Savers would be really good you can get those from any kind of automotive shop
Lucifer (5 months ago)
hmm great idea how did they solve the problem with convection the underblanket must be huge
fbabdiver (5 months ago)
total waste
Ivan The Dude (6 months ago)
I’d rather hear about how durable and weather resistant it is or isn’t, than about how “connected” “peaceful” “serene” it is.
Flush the Democrats (6 months ago)
Why didn't I think of this? Wow,the kids are going to love this bouncy house!
Jerri Jenkins (6 months ago)
Good in Florida where there is gators
Gofok Yurself (6 months ago)
This is highly impractical, highly unaffordable, and highly limited to tree availability, tree climbing ability, and predator ability. And what happens if you accidentally puncture the floor with a knife or sharp object? Ripstop or tumble to the ground below?
What's the weight limit?
Shane Reeves (6 months ago)
It looks like it sags too much. Like moving around would be a pain. You could not move too fast inside. It is cool but I am concerned about the sag.
Paul Lambert (6 months ago)
Bears climb trees prob as fast as they can run ... If they want you they will go lol
Indigo Dragon71 (6 months ago)
They should incorporate a nintinol mesh into the floor of the tent that will become ridged when a electrical frequency is passed through the nintinol mesh giving the tent a more solid floor that will not sag. 😊
Edward Kuemmerle (6 months ago)
Great idea! Too expensive though....... come down on price and I can see this thing really taking off. But at that price it's not quite specialized enough, nor field proven. Companies like MSR, North Face, Mountain Hardware have been proven for years of quality and made tweeks here and there over years to perfect their tents. Honestly for $600+ I would buy a Hilleberg Tent.........Cool though!
The bad thing is the more points you attach the more it has to be perfect if you go to two or one point doesn't have to be nearest perfect
I want to be much further off the ground I want to be able to reach your bears we put her food or reach of bears then we sleep close to the ground or on the ground what sense does this make
miksal26 (6 months ago)
vaguely reminiscent of George Pal’s “WAR OF THE WORLDS movie from 1950 with its scary creatures floating through the air zapping everyone. Great idea for keeping your bum away from the cold wet ground , although I can visualise lots of squirrels running up and down your rigging lines and piddling on your tents. GREAT IDEA .These would work well over here in Australia.🙂
Constuctive Critisism (6 months ago)
Why would you bother?
drrsc (6 months ago)
nice idea, maybe not quite ready for camping. needs a rain fly, fairly large area and having some help in setting up would be recommended. also, don't set this up in the dark, or pitch it too low cause it sags really, really bad. it looks like if you have more than a couple of average adults in it, they will end up near the middle of the thing. the hatch is nice, but also a real weakness. fun for kids in the backyard, I guess.
M Hughes (6 months ago)
Looksa right arse to put up.
hargah nya berapah
jerome carroll (6 months ago)
An then a bear would bite your ass off
Blueydnorseman88 justice (6 months ago)
Seems impracticle to me
Emi Grant (7 months ago)
It is not so safe, the bear can easily get to your ass.
Emil Westgaard Henriksen (7 months ago)
I haven't carried a tent with in forever when going camping, most times only carry a tarp a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag and sometimes a hammock, but this tentsile looks amazing, especially if you're taking friends with you who doesn't go camping that much😁 might have to consider getting a 2 or 3 person version😀
Awayge Rider (7 months ago)
Holly G (7 months ago)
Not good for the trees jack.
Chad Whitfield (7 months ago)
Ppl on Walking Dead could've used these when traveling. Just put it bout 10 ft up and no worries bout walkers surprising u while u sleep
Island Sunset (7 months ago)
Really good invention. Good job guys keep it up keep moving forward.😆👍
get high (7 months ago)
how do you have sex in this?
Kim Hyunggyu (7 months ago)
You gotta carry around all that ratchets though, at least you don't need a mat.
Rodrigoz Perez (7 months ago)
Is it confortable to have sex?
Randall Johnson (7 months ago)
I need one. And two friends
Derek Suddreth (7 months ago)
Great engineering! FYI, in the US due to environmental concerns, some campgrounds do not allow anything to be attached to trees. Others do not care. You can call ahead to get info on any restrictions. Also, since you are suspended, there is no ground insulation, and air flow in cold weather can cause problems. How do you combat "cold butt syndrome"? Do you suggest goose down layer under your sleeping bag? If there were double layers on bottom of tent with velcro pockets, I suppose you could use closed cell foam sleeping mats in between the layers that would not shift around with movement of people inside...
ven cent (7 months ago)
if we fuck in it imagine whole forest will move
jaksongpg (7 months ago)
get yer dole cheque delivered by woodpecker
Ewan Thomson (7 months ago)
This would never work on a campsite people would untie it so you fall on your arse in the night
trerom trerom (7 months ago)
Lily Hughes (8 months ago)
we didn't come from trees,, idiot,, small minded ,gnat.
Ya Si (8 months ago)
ночкой придёт юла и укусит за то что выпирает ! (за бочок)..:)
AK2 Battle (8 months ago)
Pleas Sub me i will Sub u back !
M (8 months ago)
That would be bad for your back. You need a solid flat surface to sleep on. Your back would sink in this and in the morning you'd know about it.
Johnny B (8 months ago)
And also put it on a branch what don't snap lol
Bradley Dickey (8 months ago)
That is so cool
Duke00x (8 months ago)
It needs an underquilt for the bottom (maybe sold as an accessory like for hammock camping) or some other way to insulate the bottom against wind pulling the heat out of your body. Also maybe an outside "pocket" hanging near the doors to put your shoes in. Also what is the weight limit?
Providenia Medina (8 months ago)
What about having sex o my lord help me i dont trost that thing nex day i on the floor😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joshua Boyd (9 months ago)
You'd have to find a way to insulate the bottom for colder months. Despite what people in the comments are saying, having open air under your ass is always going to be colder than the ground because the ground will retain heat if you lay in the same spot whereas the air or breeze will constantly pull heat away from you all night. Sleeping bags or pads alone don't do much to solve the problem because your weight compresses them and negates the insulation. Most hammock campers use underquilts with shock cords that keep it pulled tight to the underside of the hammock for trips that get below 20 °C/68.0 °F. This allows the insulation to do it's job much better. I'd suggest something like a custom underquilt that attaches to the anchor points of the tent as well as the guy lines for the rain cover as a future accessory...or even engineering some form of flexible reflectix flooring system. Fun concept though. The tent could even have tarps hung from the sides and placed on the ground to create a small living area underneath. Would have no problems rigging up a camp shower or changing room. Perhaps I'll give this a try this season.

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