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What does ghosts dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

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Seeing ghosts in your dream symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear. The ghost may symbolize some kind of painful or repressed memory that you might have had since childhood. If you dream that you are attempting to reach out to a ghost that then disappears, a dream interpretation might suggest that you are attempting to deal with some painful or stressful memory, but that you have not quite become completely at ease with it. Find out more dreams meanings and interpretations in our dream dictionary https://dreammeaning.org/ghosts.html
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Macaron Senpai (5 months ago)
I had a dream where I died and became a ghost, and nobody could see or hear me. I could only text my one friend on WhatsApp and I couldn't use anything else on my phone. My mom was walking to the store and I tried to shake her violently to get her attention, and I was crying and screaming, but she just thought it was the wind because my shaking her was just a small tremble to her.
Ethan W (5 months ago)
once i had a nightmare where i went in a haunted house and there was a mummy with one foot in the center and kept saying leave and go away what does this mean
Crush on you (6 months ago)
It weird, I dream a few days ago. I see a ghost walk out from my great grandma house, the ghost is so nice and chill. She came up to me, I felt like she want to say something, but my alarm wake me up. Then I start to close my eyes for a few moments, try to think back about that lady, then for some reason, I heard the ghost said something. I don't remember, but she is so kind, she wish me luck. That a weird dream.
Pocamo (6 months ago)
I had a dream where I was haunted by an angry ghost
Preity Kabir (6 months ago)
i alwayes saw ghost alwayes toucing on my heart and belly and its really horrible i can't even sleep well
Trace P. (7 months ago)
I see ghosts in my dream when it's cold at night and I accidentally kicked off the covers, it never fails.
What does it mean when you dream that a blue spoke his name is: Genie ?? visit you and a black bird. The same blue ghost that you see in the movie: Alladin?
Messy tessy (7 months ago)
before i feel asleep i wanted to see if it worked to say “search for the light” so the ghost would go away then i dreamed i said it and then i was going out with my family middle of the night out to put some clothes in a box then a big lightning came and i wanted to stay but i still just kept going and then i woke up and now i’m getting ready for school.
Ultra Instinct shaggy (7 months ago)
My dream was a student in my class got possessed and everyone in the school ran out I fell and a girl which was a ghost helped me up
Josh Morales (7 months ago)
Sounds Like A Anonymous...Bruh
Zurks (9 months ago)
I was dreaming about my house being haunted and it went from a ghost haunting it to showing itself as a player in a game. WTF
Abby Ghost (9 months ago)
I pee
LexVantez (9 months ago)
I dreamed about having a conversation with ghost, and was a friendly girl
sarah abrahamsen (10 months ago)
I had a dream that I died and turned into a ghost!
Hentze (11 months ago)
Im keep having the same dream where i am in my childhood house with relatives that dont even live in that part of the country and then a ghost is trying to kill us while we are trapped inside the house. What does that mean?
St3alth 420 (11 months ago)
I was dreaming a ghost and it was dragging me but then my dream ended
Anony Mous (11 months ago)
Hey guys ! Ahm its just a dream ! There's no meaning of that ! Your mind is working for that ! Dont trust that meaning ! I repeat its just a dream !
WoIfzz (11 months ago)
I had a dream that everytime i went into my room i got paralyZed
Justin Chipman.k (11 months ago)
I was dreaming of the conjuring and I never seen the movie I also slapped them their was 3
Tom Holland Underwear (1 year ago)
I was seeing myself being a ghost in my dream. I think hes right, I want to escape to this hard and emotional situation in my life. 😭
My dream=i was in a sofa sitting, when i look back the door is open and at the floor therrs a ghost head lookibg at me and wgen i liok at it it pulled it head
The AJ (1 year ago)
In my dream there was a long empty road and it looked like a place i have been to. I am walking alone. The road is fenced on both sides without any gates for the houses. I am walking and a ghost appears on the side. I ran and it kept on appearing here and there as i ran. It was like i was chased by the same ghost. In the end the ghost appeared in the front and i jumped. I flew and reached my room and boom i am up. What does this mean ?
Primetron gaming (1 year ago)
Amazing video thinks.
Jonas Lefebvre (1 year ago)
Mostly after watching some Ghost video's I dream intensive about it...In the beginning I was scared but now I'm like WTF you gonna do, get the hell out of my life! :) I'm not afraid anymore but either I wont accept thy are try to scare me.. I ain't scared of a ghost or whatever what energy thy are, I'm bigger than that! I dreamed allot when I was younger also every time I quite smoking weed than it was very intensive , dreamed about hell , ghosts, saving my sister from the devil and so on :) so scary , yes it is!
Lisa FOX (1 year ago)
I wish I was a ghost 👻
Luck Gamer777 (1 year ago)
thanks for telling!!! 👍👍👍
Garnett Flaress (1 year ago)
I keep having dreams that a ghost or something holds me down and I can't move
Matthew Sider (1 year ago)
gost do diving in my drames d draining my energy it was was guy I'm not a frade but wen gets in your synapse in your mind is hard not first time after my animal clean solution hit the floor nobody touched it this did happened to me they are some regrets but guess this what they sense we are like radio to thim human broadcast signals from the mind but please don't play angal cards are Ouija boards or Charlie Charlie don't do it please don't keep a whay from it
Korrupt God (1 year ago)
I have been dreaming of being haunted or messed with a ghost but it's a peaceful ghost
I was seeing a ghost in dream when I got angry and slaped the ghost in dream
Katie H (1 year ago)
Ya.... I somehow went into another portal/dimension and killed 12 with SCISSORS, slapping them, punching them, and honestly just murdering them in other ways that I can't remember.
TheEmpress (2 years ago)
omo... i dreamed about ghosts all the time and so close to being a nightmare. and being a lucid dreamer, it is very frightening.
Blaze (2 years ago)
in the dream, a ghost Harry Potter style went through me. (or did it go inside me) and i can still feel it
Zhi Xin Seah (2 years ago)
what does a ghost telling me to help him but I don't wish to and got haunted?
Polk Polk (2 years ago)
I see nightmare 1 lady ghost standing on a Hospital and 1 woman going with a child I follow him and I see a ghost that time I only 13 years old
rosas mercedez (2 years ago)
im scared your friends ghost dreams life bad night mares
official yg (2 years ago)
my bf just had a nightmare that a ghost came out the closet and walked around another looked at him..This is a great video by the way!
Devanshi Pandit (2 years ago)
ghost is not my friends or relative i see that dream 4 time
Diana Alaniz (2 years ago)
I had a dream of a ghost, it was attacking me after it got my cat
wblundon (2 years ago)
well, pressure will be put on me to join a scheme or somethin

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