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Is the Dead Sea really dead?

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Because of its extremely high salt content, no animal or plant life can survive in the Dead Sea. So why do tourists from around the world flock to bathe in its deep blue waters? Clarissa Ward takes us on a trip to this exotic and unique destination.
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Blade777 (22 hours ago)
Carlos Brown (1 day ago)
What is wrong with humans even draining the sea what will humans do when there is nothing left because that's where it is heading
Nikki Douglas (2 days ago)
Dead skin cells!!! Lovely!!
Rani Patel (2 days ago)
I want to go there... someone take me there!!
Patricia Burns (2 days ago)
The bottomless pit is in the Dea Sea. The beasts of Re.13 will come out from the bottomless pit.
Nora Arico (2 days ago)
The Dead Sea will probably become polluted just like other waters around the world because of human misuse. Stop polluting our air, water, and earth now. Never mind travel to Mars for now, just save Planet Earth before it's too late. Thank you, in advance.
Maryann Davey (2 days ago)
Dying from SULFUR! All those artificial beings and lies!
King Tut (3 days ago)
Not that it matters, but how much were the diamonds worth that he found I'd like to know?
mari gold (4 days ago)
It's in the Qur'an ALLAH prophecy for Romans will be defeated in the lowest part of the earth..Muslims don't use dead sea products because people of lot were destroyed and their burnt bodies turned into salt balls for open homosexualities...how can there be any good in the mud ??all of our souls wii one day l return to Allah willingly or by compulsion..
D Teinah (4 days ago)
I have visited there once.... I jump in the water but I don't even get wet. I swim without getting wet😀
Nestoras Petrov (4 days ago)
humans r the worst enemy of planet earth
Lions of Israel (4 days ago)
GOD will have waters ready for when real Jews of color return back home.....those fake jews are impostors.....
sherwin salvatori (5 days ago)
If its called the dead sea howcome so many lives I see swimming in enjoying life
NaTosha Evans (5 days ago)
Why are they eearing shoes in the water? Gross!
It's so fun and seems relaxing haha
Esther James (5 days ago)
God is awesome, if anyone have a death treth desese will the death sea heel them?
Carolyn Wright (6 days ago)
Ezekiel 47:9-10 (9) And it shall come to pass, that every thing that liveth, which moveth, whithersoever the rivers shall come, shall live and there shall be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters shall come thither: for that shall be healed; and every thing shall live whither the river cometh. (10) And it shall come to pass, that the fishers shall stand upon if from En-gedi (west of the Dead Sea) even unto en-eglaim (a place by the Dead Sea): they shall be a place to spread forth nets; their fish shall be according to their kinds, as the fish of the great sea, exceeding many. The Dead Sea and the area around it is being healed just as God said!
Carolyn Wright (4 days ago)
There are 12 Tribes of Israel, which one are you from?
Lions of Israel (4 days ago)
GOD will have waters ready for when real Jews of color return back home.....those fake jews are impostors.....
Ishra Samiya (7 days ago)
I want to see this sea...
Black Hornet (8 days ago)
This is the place where disobedient community of prophet LOT had been destroyed by angels .
GARO TRIBE TV (8 days ago)
Wow !!!! its amazing place !!! I'm Indian Christian.
คาสิโนก่อสบายมืออาชีพเกาะไอ แลนด์​ทําที่พักนักท่องเที่ยว​
Cicy Heyman (8 days ago)
It's amazing despite it keeps drying up
George Raptis (9 days ago)
Who killed her?
Sa Hoang (10 days ago)
Discovered in 2010 this Earth 1,000 years ago changed  new  by 3/4 of sea but  not so deep and 1/4 of land for strategy of God for the whole Solar  system . The Bad (Evil by Catholic call them. I don't) . The bad created children blood type O . Human blood type O their bodies more than 99.999% water . So this Earth 3/4 of sea for . The Bad changed human blood type O into Bacteria  then brought them into this Earth . WWII Soviet defeated and killed all The Bad  and freedom of the Ugly blood type O . After Agenda signed by Christ Dodd to Soviet . Soviet give all Ugly blood type O are free living by FINANCIAL . But human blood type O ate carrot and did not do any good . Now time for end all of human blood type O . This Earth will be back to original Earth 3/4 of land and 1/4 of sea . .  dead sea for this .
BOAMAH LOVE (10 days ago)
DAV (11 days ago)
No the dead sea is not dead, but dying slowly gradually!
Amelia Kwia (16 days ago)
God is taking back the waters in order to bring fire and heat...Jesus is Lord
Gerdie Albers (17 days ago)
Jancarl Salvan (24 days ago)
I don’t know
Una nimous (25 days ago)
It is place of punishment people use to get away from it now they’re going in what a change
゚BobFredIII (26 days ago)
The Dead Sea receding faster than my hair line
azad hassan (26 days ago)
Dead Sea is not good for health be careful guys
Manasha Barman (27 days ago)
Gravity is very low
intel source (1 month ago)
Israel and US 😡😡
Beakerzor (1 month ago)
looking forward to tomorrow's NOVA episode
Squiddy Kachow (1 month ago)
imagine putting your face under water there :)
Mahadee Hasan Porosh (1 month ago)
Allah is Almighty
Goyal Family (1 month ago)
Dead sea is the sea which has a lot of salt in it that's why no water animals are there in this sea and humans float on it and even can read newspaper by lying on water easily without sinking
johnny rotten (1 month ago)
Oh wait isn't that Jesus walking on water ?......maybe ?.....No?...... okay then .
raisul islam sajib (1 month ago)
soon this will be dry like Aral sea
Mavi Pruvo (1 month ago)
Seriously when I went there for the first time, couple years ago, I almost get drowned.. on the seashore and so was my phone😭
Nicole Tangonan (1 month ago)
Martin Ramirez (1 month ago)
Israel and Jordan should build a canal and aqueduct with many hydroelectric generators. Produce electricity, raise the lake's level ten or twenty meters, and make it sweet enough for ocean going fish. WHY NOT?
Winter Rose (1 month ago)
Imagine if you thought you put the mud on your skin but it was actually poo 🤮
Cynthia Jones (1 month ago)
It may be "dead"now but the Bible says during the millennium reign of Christ the Dead Sea will be filled with fresh water and an abundance of fish.wow,cannot wait until the Millennium
Aubrey Dayon (1 month ago)
Where is this located?
Free Palestine
lili leona (1 month ago)
dont you know the history of thes sea heheh is salted tomuch cos inside are dead bodys of nation of lut as.they was evil people who loved the man an not the women...is long story look in islam about the dead sea and the people of lute as
Isabel Ortiz Cardenas (1 month ago)
I dont believe its completely empty I think there's a few fish and a shark or 2 in there I wouldn't swim there at all
Jepry Tu (1 month ago)
Even LGBTQ people can't live there
Rebecca Hmar (1 month ago)
PDNC (1 month ago)
Egypt use to be tropical as well. It's all part of a normal cycle of Earth.
Paul Cumming (1 day ago)
No it isn't, dumdum! It is due to irrigation and industrial use of water from the river.
A D (1 month ago)
If you wanna go go quickly before Israel dries it all up
Legend has it Genocide (1 month ago)
Maybe the dead is getting alive an seeking freedom from the Dead Sea
emacs john (1 month ago)
Jesus is fake people
basant vimal sharma (1 month ago)
The sea is dead its soul left but the body remains
Zeishurra Hallowell (1 month ago)
Dont even need the dead sea to float like that😂
Easu will pay for what he has done to my people in due time! All praises to the most high YHWA!
Product Man (1 month ago)
it's the dead souls of their enemies that carry them while they float through the waters just like the waters once carried them has they did has well
Product Man (1 month ago)
They call this the dead sea because this is where they used to dump their victims
Jd0g RL (1 month ago)
I’d still drown
Jd0g RL (1 month ago)
Imagine swallowing that
Talluri s.prabhakar (1 month ago)
When Israelites crossed the mighty river Jordan prophet Moses times which was maybe ten times greater than today ,due to deforestation ,continued wars and local climate change that mighty river gradually reduced, 1) As result of agricultural efforts of Israelites last 70 years , tremendously changed the fate of river Jordan , other wise it is part of the desert , 2) God bless Israel forever
enxyy (2 months ago)
My Jordanian friend says that if u run so fast on there. You can tho
khaled najada (1 month ago)
It's right I am Jordanian myself
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (2 months ago)
Do you need to pay to go there? Can I bring a container and collect it for myself?
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (2 months ago)
The sun at the end look like a start wtf I know the sun is a star but wtf
kelba leo (2 months ago)
I want to go there now!!
Talia Elmoutaz (2 months ago)
But can the young children swim in it?
Amareto (2 months ago)
This is where sodomy started it .. the people of Lot.
Talia Elmoutaz (2 months ago)
This Sea is Salty That's Why The People are Float
Dimitri Markovich (2 months ago)
ree ree
Efrain Gutierrez Ramos (2 months ago)
Es real lo digo por experiencia propia estuve ahi
Aiman Muhaimin (2 months ago)
Kinda cool place in Palestine.
raz segev (2 months ago)
The first sentence is false because its called "ים המוות"(the dead sea) also in the bible
Dondor Morns (2 months ago)
Terrible acting! But nice script 👌
Mohammad Firza (2 months ago)
long live palestine...
Nr amin (2 months ago)
Power of Allah
Magenelli Epikrati (2 months ago)
To keep the inland salt lake at high level, let sea water supply dead sea.
Boxcar Bubba (2 months ago)
I would love to Float in the Dead Sea .
Philip Freeman (2 months ago)
Not to worry water is RISING worldwide as the ice wall thaws .
Philip Freeman (2 months ago)
T - 16 days to 5 d , keep your vibes UP .
shiva chalise (2 months ago)
Where it is ??
Manjula Padukka (2 months ago)
Joint Vietnam tour
kean licera (2 months ago)
God put the time on the Dead sea ones it gone the earth will Reset again
KR Kayah (3 months ago)
No wonder the mud cost alot when I buy it at a store. It's make my face smooth
Sumayma Alvi (3 months ago)
I really want to visit dead se once in a life time
Umema Yaseen (3 months ago)
Yee koi sero tafree ki jgha nhi h ue ek makam e ibrat h yaha Allah tala ne hazart loot aleh salam ki kom ko garak kia tha or isi vjha se yaha ka pani ayesa h qk k kaha jata h k is samnder me 5 lac loogo ko duba dea gaya tha yee inhi hadiyo ki vjha se yaha ka pani ayesa h Allah hame hr kism k azab se bachay
Shallyine Lal (3 months ago)
Namaste Super hot hello
vladimir putin (3 months ago)
Stay away from that palestinian land !
Outlawz Loot (3 months ago)
No it's obviously alive
Turbo Charger (3 months ago)
Palestine for ever.. Love for Palestine to all freedom people..we shall return back Israelis is terrorist..
Turbo Charger (3 months ago)
Dead sea located between Palestine and Jordan
Imran A. Iskandar (3 months ago)
Is dis where salt comes from ?
kirk gwapo (3 months ago)
4:54 What does it mean???the sun wtf
ButterflyPlayz :D (3 months ago)
you can still drown ☝🏼️

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