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Is the Dead Sea really dead?

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Because of its extremely high salt content, no animal or plant life can survive in the Dead Sea. So why do tourists from around the world flock to bathe in its deep blue waters? Clarissa Ward takes us on a trip to this exotic and unique destination.
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Jennifer Lewis (10 hours ago)
keep the dead sea alive plz thank you .
Olive liv (1 day ago)
CerealSand (1 day ago)
who else is here for school?
RadioactiveKidd (1 day ago)
i want to float
King Dessalean (2 days ago)
Man-made Sea which If people do some research and you see complete Fake made up location .
Ajay Pithava (3 days ago)
aa amari std 8 ni s.s ni book ma 6
Bob Cobby (3 days ago)
I bet I’ll sink regardless of what they say ...
WifiGranny L. (5 days ago)
There may be hope, fresh water springs are now flowing into the Dead Sea. Floating won't be as easy as the spring water dilutes the salt water but that will probably take years and years. https://youtu.be/XzXw3fGP2Tw
Smol Bunny Cat (11 days ago)
They should pour thousands of black floaties to lessen evaporation
I’m Innocent (13 days ago)
noman gee (14 days ago)
Due to large consantration of salt
DIPTA DAS (17 days ago)
Save dead sea guys,, It's the responsibility of the country to save it's natural resources.. We have similar problem with Taj Mahal in India, as it becomes more & more polluted every years, the colour of the Pure White Marble of Taj Mahal Monument also become more & more faded in years ... Mainly because of industrial air pollution..
Devidas Mali (18 days ago)
It's very beautiful video
CRUZTYPANCAKES (21 days ago)
Imagining accidentqlly swallowing the water
jane sullivan (28 days ago)
I wish i could go to Israel. I would never come back.
Haroon Khan (28 days ago)
I like this
TheMightyKinkle (1 month ago)
3:38 Does a highway by any chance go there?
xAesthetic Melody (1 month ago)
My mom says it's called the dead sea because if you accidentally swallow some of the water you could die because of the high level of salt in it...
one voiceu (1 month ago)
That was a very pretty sun... But also scary
It's where God destroyed the city of evil doers i.e the nation of gays those used to live in that area thousands of years ago.
If you wanna go go quickly before Israel dries it all up
angel clemeno (1 month ago)
Indian people can save the dead sea,let them live near there
Isha Kissoonah (1 month ago)
we people destroy the nature and its beauty unecessarily
Bilenaire (1 month ago)
The worst place in the world, if you know what I mean. If you don't, better research the history there.
Khalil ur Rehman (1 month ago)
Not eight times ..... It's ten times more than normal . ..
Yohance Renee (1 month ago)
i saw something near the dead sea wow
sara urooj (1 month ago)
Beautiful place i have seen
SHAIK RASHID (1 month ago)
When the time is up the fun begin only then u will see.
fahad anwar (1 month ago)
Oae urdu m bool
Joshua Kuria (1 month ago)
who will take me there??missing the place
ghen Pagayonan (1 month ago)
In God's perfect time i will go here.
Daneisha Roman (1 month ago)
We come alive in the river
Proudly Promdi (1 month ago)
That's the reality. Human is the biggest threat to nature.
Let Me Post It (1 month ago)
Pls watch this https://youtu.be/bpIdUMC4o3Y
Julee Francess (1 month ago)
u dead idiots
Sara Mina (1 month ago)
A place that is the testimony of the punishment of God.
0 _ 0 (1 month ago)
Bader Badour (1 month ago)
Isreal can make the mud gold
John Savel (2 months ago)
Techirghiol is a place somewhat similar to this.
polite critique (2 months ago)
Jews steal and destroy all land
Abraham Toby (2 months ago)
can you walk on it?
Augustine O. (13 days ago)
yeah, if you wear those wooden shoes they use in the Nederlands
Didzee 002 (2 months ago)
Have you got the dead sea scrolls..no it's just the way I walk!!!
ThumbsUpMan (2 months ago)
dum hippies.
mtaqib Behlim (2 months ago)
You filthy nudies repeating the same thing you are the reason of this punishment
wise eyes (2 months ago)
well as of oct 2018 fish are swimming in dead sea and plant life is back as well,pretty sure thats biblical,wake up
Taylor man40 (2 months ago)
There's lots of money to be made once it all dries up!
crystal snow (2 months ago)
After having watched this fotage red should be dead if its not already by now. It needs to be
Mir (2 months ago)
The comments section is really salty.
Breeme y (2 months ago)
Pun intended
noonoofulable (2 months ago)
It's a place where punishment was meted out by God to sinners and Christians and Jews bathe in it in skimpy clothes instead of staying away. You'd think they'd avoid it. Don't understand these people at all.
prince Sameer (2 months ago)
I wanna take a trip so bad jus to get in the water and mud
Troll'n USA (2 months ago)
They love their mud...lol pigs
Daniel S (2 months ago)
The opposite of altitude sickness, I felt so much energy at the Dead Sea.. Have studies been done on people growing up by the Dead Sea... How is their energy when they come up to sea level?
mara o.Neil (2 months ago)
Why can't us humans treat this God given world with respect the way we should
Ad Mirer (2 months ago)
Is lithium found in the dead Sea salts?
Anita Bonghit (2 months ago)
the dead sea is dying
minigero (2 months ago)
this is property of Israel <3
uma Pawar (2 months ago)
Wow ! What a sun
Hey itz Nini and more! (2 months ago)
If it's called the *_dead_* sea, why isn't it in its coffin?
Tubebrerry (2 months ago)
Clarissa Ward is American. Why does she pronounce "been" as "bean," like a British person? Quirk? Affectation? Anyone?
karmbir Khehra (3 months ago)
I am Indian my work jordan Beautiful ded cea
Surya Aditya (3 months ago)
Stop population booming, then all problem related to nature will come to the end.
Art Humour (3 months ago)
4:43 it seems impossible to me lol
Jessica Guilbeau (3 months ago)
It needs to be illegal to take anything from the Dead Sea.
Blue Collar (3 months ago)
3:39 Top Gun Reference!!!
David (3 months ago)
Lmao...white people. Paint yourself Black...
rapturedpassage (3 months ago)
The shape of the sun at 4:55 is exactly like the Star of David.
Jeremy Heartriter (3 months ago)
Feels sad to know the Dead sea would be really"dead" by the time I earned enough to get there😫
Harold Potsdamer (3 months ago)
Fake units = Fake News. Use metric or else it is a lie.
Shere Khan the fighter (3 months ago)
i want to try it
jeiku gonzaresu (3 months ago)
dying sea
vinay jordan Kumar (3 months ago)
Jordan the gud country in the wolrd
vinay jordan Kumar (3 months ago)
The really true place i was see this place
vinay jordan Kumar (3 months ago)
The most famous place in jordan dead sea ....the world nmber one famous place
Shayan Khan (3 months ago)
This is the salty water
Bob Robert (3 months ago)
Of course the jews managed to ruin this too
anonymous anonymous (1 month ago)
Ye Robert your antisemitic heart cant deal with them brilliant inventive academic ..all out genius. Too bad...they are here to stay...
Rocky Rodel (3 months ago)
Can they also walk in top of the water?
anonymous anonymous (1 month ago)
And who walked on water...any pictures?
Yahya Isse (3 months ago)
Palestine is so beautiful 🇵🇸
shaaaan00001 (3 months ago)
Not only dead sea..the whole world is dead..our days are being counted...everywhere is hate and hate...and the one we are hating could save our lives one day.its too late,
Vaishnavi Srinivas (3 months ago)
Dead sea turning into dead pool now
Sam Max (4 months ago)
I can learn to swim in there easy.
Joshua James (4 months ago)
Why he's talking like Jean Claude Van damme accent
MOHAMMED Yusouf (4 months ago)
The end is near Prophet Muhammad told this water will end it is signs of anti Christ
Jeoni Tao (4 months ago)
Why is it so salty?
Suleiman (4 months ago)
I bet it’s Israel and the Jews not Jordan
Rj Roman Shek vibeo (4 months ago)
markus lappalainen (4 months ago)
it shouldn't be too hard to build a pipeline from mediterranean sea to the dead sea. it would not require pumping since the dead sea is lower. so the pipe can climb to the hilltops if the mouth only is lower. it would not make dead sea sweet but dilute it so that it could provide life.
Ally Playz (4 months ago)
The Dead Sea is *NOT DEAD* because it is not alive *dad joke*
Michael Lyons (4 months ago)
The reason why the salt "diamonds" form is because the sodium chloride chemically breaks at right angles, so the most common shapes of molecules that break at right angles are three dimensional cubes or rectangles.
Fire Wolf (4 months ago)
Is it like normal water where you can see underwater or is it dangores
Austin Bates (4 months ago)
If it goes away then more life will sprout were life virtually was none existent
Heidi Eckert (4 months ago)
Emmanuel Malongoza (4 months ago)
Why dead sea? only salt? or there is other factors makes it to be dead sea? I am interested to much on it
IAmTehTrueNub (4 months ago)
you wanna know what the salt is made out of bird poop ≈)
Subscribe to PewDiePie (4 months ago)
if the water gets in your mouth and u drink it do you die instantly?
some body (4 months ago)
Israel needs to build a pipe line from the ocean to pump ocean water back into the dead sea
EP P (4 months ago)
Even the SUN knows its Isreal land of the Jews.
Angel Molloy (4 months ago)
Looks beautiful despite its disappearing..love to visit when money provides
TEAMJESUS 70 (4 months ago)
Forgot to mention more than 8 million gallons of raw sewage from East Jerusalem is pumped downhill to the Dead Sea, raw and untreated, every day.
Can you please send me a link to that information ?
Thomas (4 months ago)
If it's so far under sea level just build a canal from the sea to fill it back up? 🤔

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