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Canopy Growth Corp 5 Billion Dollar Constellation Brands Partnership

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Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED) (NYSE:CGC) (FRA:11L1) was the recipient of what was effectively a $5 billion takeover by NYSE-listed Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ). Bruce Linton, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Canopy explains how he first got the attention of Constellation CEO Robert Sands that led to the historic partnership. #canopy #weed #constellation ************************ Check out our website: https://midasletter.com ************************ SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterYoutube SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterNewsletter Download Our Podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterPodcast ************************ Follow Us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterTwitter Like Us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterInsta Like Us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterFacebook ************************
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Text Comments (65)
Brian Bevilacqua (6 months ago)
IP...god made the plant, these guys are pimps.
Chris Deering (7 months ago)
Welcome to the Rich community James West!
Q uantum (8 months ago)
Bruce Linton should start looking to own the land under his buildings, or the land owners will end up owning Canopy Growth Corporation. Real estate merger.
Omaha Wellness (6 days ago)
Acreage already has real estate lined up for Canopy. Do research
Omega Media (8 months ago)
Cronos Group and Canopy Growth!!!!
William Bonney (8 months ago)
Hope this is brought to light 💡✌️🧐😂
William Bonney (8 months ago)
Be cool 😎 to trade good us bud for good ca bud y’all
Mike Volpe (8 months ago)
James, great video on Mr. Linton. I don't care how he met the CEO of Constellation Brands, I just thank God that he did. I think it's it's possible Constellation will take a much bigger bit of the Canopy apple.
Omaha Wellness (6 days ago)
They will eventually purchase Canopy Growth entirely which will mean investors will make money off of liquor and weed by default
Mr. Richard (8 months ago)
Such a Great Video!
christopher quijano (8 months ago)
im tryna get faded wit this nigga
Peter Yang (8 months ago)
Damn it will be huge once this animal comes out
Christopher Dixon (8 months ago)
Can tell he's pretty comfortable with Midas Letter, kind of let the hair down
Cyber Wolf (8 months ago)
Will shares get to 500 or 1,000 could this be the amazon of cannabis 😄
Omaha Wellness (6 days ago)
It'll be $375 a share in 5 years according to analyst predictions.
keimo2007 (8 months ago)
How much is their short interest?
Tommy Gun (8 months ago)
who is interviewing who
Dominic M (8 months ago)
Tommy Gun Is this a serious question, or sarcasm?
OK Skateboards inc. (8 months ago)
I have shares in CRON which is good right now but I don't see how this industry can be that gigantic. I am sure there is lots of money but maybe not billions. The weed stocks mania could be just another bubble.
Solomon Stringer (8 months ago)
The entire American economy is a bubble
Grant Short (8 months ago)
He won me over with his views on greed and IQ
Nathan (8 months ago)
Fox Mulder (9 months ago)
Just like Alcohol, this just needs to be legalized NATION WIDE ! Think of the profits per state, and the medical issue goes away, the tie up of enforcing trafficking, using, producing, and the over population of the prison system will save the United State Billions !
grimey 5.56 (9 months ago)
Get money Bruce! Get that money! Let your investors get rich for believing in you!
grimey 5.56 (8 months ago)
+Earl Shipley I got in around 2 to 3 weeks ago when it was on a roll and got in at 29 usd. Just today it was up to 47 usd a share. It's moving fast but you got to get on it. They are the biggest marijuana distributor in the world. Constellation Brands last week just introduced a five billion dollar investment into Canopy. They're a Powerhouse that will control the marijuana market for the next couple decades at least. But these are just my opinions do some research for yourself to find out what's best for you. There's a lot of mj companies rolling out of Canada but Canopy just happens to be the largest. There's only a select few of them that work through the US Stock Exchange.
Earl Shipley (8 months ago)
grimey 5.56 how much u think the stock can go to
Ryan Rye (9 months ago)
Clear leader.... can anyone even name the ceo of the other Pot stocks??? Bruce is a G!
Omaha Wellness (6 days ago)
True statement
S faafiti (9 months ago)
So what he's saying is that he bent over for constellation and they blew a 5 billion dollar wad far up his 🍩 that it left a bad taste in snoop dogs mouth...humble my ass after saying every other company will "disintegrate"
ron777ish (9 months ago)
This guy knows his stuff for sure.. A great asset to WEED.. Canopy Growth is save with Bruce in charge.. But I'm looking at Cam Battley from Aurora and Vic Nuefeld from Aphria as well.. Vic is brilliant.. Maybe both better value then WEED at this point?? Just asking... I'm hoping because I've sold all my Weed and bought Acb and Aph..
TheDrunkknucklehead (8 months ago)
This guy has no clue. You are as misinformed as him. Read my comments above...
walid hamdi (9 months ago)
He didn't need liquidity. He sold the company thats it
Big Joe Mufferah (9 months ago)
Bruce is the man, as long as he is in the wheelhouse, the Canopy ship is in good hands.
Nick Fortino (9 months ago)
It's happening.
Big Joe Mufferah (9 months ago)
watched Bruce Linton interviewed on the Senate Committee hearings on Bill C-45, as well as his TED talk on Barriers, and numerous interviews with Jim West and others. He is always down to earth, a very articulate communicator, knows his stuff inside out. The kinda guy you would like to hang out with and have a beer. I especially like his comments in this video regarding greed and hard work. IMO, this guy is the real deal, as long as Bruce is in the wheelhouse, the Canopy ship is in good hands ...
Stephen Lflf (9 months ago)
The king of Cannabis
Omaha Wellness (6 days ago)
+TheDrunkknucklehead The investors in Acreage will make a fortune when that merger happens. Eventually Constellation brands will purchase Canopy Growth entirely which will mean that investors will make money off of liquor and weed by default.
TheDrunkknucklehead (8 months ago)
The "King Of cannabis" is title already self appointed to the owner of GHSC in Amsterdam. Any with serious market knowledge would know that. You guys are just nut hugging dummys these clowns with fast mouths are living off of. lolol
edward gofsky (9 months ago)
Great interview!
oladejo olakareem (9 months ago)
So the price they buying it is $48.55. WOW. With the big operation, this is a three-figure stock. Buying more on Monday for sure.
Tommy Gun (8 months ago)
I'm confused though from an Investor's point of view I'm a little worried that canopy growth did not turn a profit on Q2
Grant Short (8 months ago)
Do you have any material that shows it's projected future valuation? And are we looking at 7 years to reach that?
I own 6500 shares
Mark David (8 months ago)
no one cares what you may think....
TheDrunkknucklehead (8 months ago)
U r a dummy. Within days the regs will be released on Micros. Oct 17th, the cat is out of the bag. Micros will absolutely dominate market with farm to gate sales. What use does the constellation board have to cannabis, or Bruce Litton? What does their salaries and the rest of the useless board room weight add to the cost of a gram for the average consumer? The Canadian consumer does not appreciate corporate oligopoly taking over the market they created by force, under color of law, whole colluding to gain first mover status and huge market advantages. These clowns still dont have a clue! They filled there production floors with bunk weed and just now are starting to transfer to good buds knowing it extracts better. These are thing known for 15 years in the Cannabis community. These clowns are the dead weight the market is going to consume. The only chance of the big Lps is to further collude with government and hope their will be some sort of law they can buy that will prevent Micros from servicing the international markets. Ive predicted every step of this market accurately for about 6 years. Thsi will be no different. Sell your stock if you have any brains. These companies are DOA! You need 30 lights micros in neighborhoods around the nations that service local communities. They will also have ability to net sell and there price point based on not having 20 million dollar annual board salaries to cover will beat the big lps all day. Been in cannabis for 30 years. very simple principle exists and will always exist..The guy with the best weed and the best price, wins!!! Good luck keeping up with fully automated 50 light micros with 2 employees!!!lolol We gonna have so many micro licenses it will look like a deck of cards!!! Our mission is to destroy these LP pos! Mark my words..We are going to!!! Go steal somebody else market c suckers...You aint dealing cowards in suits who are scared to rip the bong a few times. We are the real deal. You are the frauds...
Werks Guy (8 months ago)
What price did you get those at?
DrSpuds (9 months ago)
Daniel_St 87 fire
+Daniel_St 87 nice buy
William Lauzon (9 months ago)
I have seen the famous "HI" signage posted at the construction site at Queen and John St in Downtown Toronto. It all makes sense now, these shops will be premium.
Omaha Wellness (6 days ago)
+TheDrunkknucklehead It's about the buyer experience my friend. The investors in Acreage will make a bundle once weed becomes federally legal in the U.S. and the companies merge. Constellation will eventually merge with Canopy, and investors will make money off of liquor and weed by default. Business 101. Do your research before you attack someone on here.
TheDrunkknucklehead (8 months ago)
How you think that shop will do selling 400$ ounces and, down the block, around the corner, the same Cannabis goes for 200$ out of a fully licensed facility? You have no clue wtf you are talking about.
William Lauzon (9 months ago)
Mr. Bruce Linton is the BILLION dollar man. Congrats dude, can't wait to see how you and your team change the Cannabis World.
TheDrunkknucklehead (8 months ago)
This isnt California. Cannabis is FEDERALLY legal here now on OCT 17th. Big difference then whats going on in Cali. They have always paid way to much per LB in the USA. Still in nYC a LB goes for 4k US in some places. Thats based on the reefer madness propaganda and the fact you could do life in a prison for a joint in some states. Wholesale price on Cannabis right now in the legal Canadian market is about 1600 average per lb. About 3k per kilo! Thats 100 and ounce at whole sale. Think about that. they are whole-sale between one another at 1600 then retailing that same pound in same cases at 15 a gram, straight up! that's 15x454=6840!!!! The margins these clowns are working on is pure theft from the people. They are trying to recreate the alcohol landscape after prohibition. Look at the Canadian market today with alcohol. You still have a corporate oligopoly that was partially broken few years ago in court with realization they had colluded with government in Ontario to lock real competition out of the market. We know exactly what hey are trying to do. Its not going to happen. They hare allowing no limit on micro licenses per person and allowing farm to gate sales. Plus outdoor!!! The outdoor has to be manufactued by way of distillation and high filtration to meet compliance measures and enter market but, big deal!!! You know how much Cannabis you can grow on one acre outdoors in SW Ontario? ive seen 8-12 pound plants!! These scum bags are already starting to offshore the growth of the outdoor and then ship it back to be distilled and manufactured then sold at HUGE profits onto the Candian consumer. There are guys ariund this nation with ACMPR grows and quarter million dollar distillation setups with 20 years experience in the biz. These fake you see in these videos, CANNOT compete! They are fakes! Look at them. they are trying to convince you all that a market that has existed for 80 years is WHAT THEY SAY IT IS! Its not! These guys have no clue wtf is going on. They are talking fast and hoping beyond hope it works out. there million dollar lifestyles depends on the stupidity of the average investor and the willingness of the Canadian consumer to be fooled and fleeced at the cash register. THINK!!! How much does these fools salaries who populate the management level of these companies add to the average price of a gram? What us do these idiots provide in a the production and consumption of Cannabis. they are just middle men trying to put their hands in all of our pockets. You can get an ounce straight from a farner at the lowest price possible or, you get it from a guy like this because people dont understand or trust to go staright to the farmer. These big money LPS are dead in the water here...
Frederic Jordan (8 months ago)
+TheDrunkknucklehead i hope you are right but that's not what happened in California. All small farmers are sitting on their product because the massive producers down priced the cost by the lbs. Really wish the best for you guys. At the end of the day i think it's going to be all about the buying experience.
TheDrunkknucklehead (8 months ago)
This statement is astoundingly naive. You have no concept or real Cannabis market principles. These guys are frauds in suits talking on a subject they have no clue about. Truly, the average stock market participant is being absolutely hood winked by these performances. The micro regs drop soon. Tick-tock mfers..The clock is ticking and your days are numbered. Thats the stock advice you dummy's should be listening to. Find yourselves a guy who has been growing chronic weed for the last bunch of years and fund them to set up a micro. You can hold multiple licenses and the low of overhead/ entry cost, is very affordable. What you guys think Bruce Littons salary alone adds to the cost of a gram? Now, walk through those companies adding the idiots like him up. Our board, is the grow room! Automation is paramount and extractions rates 30% plus on the regular. Lots of these guys already have 100k Distillation setups that can be flipped into the legal market immediate upon license. This will turn useless endeavors like Aphrias 55 million dollar extraction facility into nothing but a big pile of broken dreams. A multi billion dollar market existed without these clowns. You think those guys are just gonna pack up and walk away? You are going to have a market reversal with the boycotting of big lps and their supply chains by consumers who prefer local products and local markets support. Lps will be begging Micros with retail outlets to sell their products. I will pay people to picket Big money Lps retail chains and educate the consumer on their practices and the real price of Cannabis. This has been a one sided battle until OCT 17th. Once our hands get untied, we gonna beat these LPs pos into submission... Mark my words...
AllEyezOnMe AA (8 months ago)
+Major Twang 4rl.. thank you.. there weed is str8 trash.. not even hating or lying.. i think these companies are in for a huge bubble once legalization happens and the market reacts negative to there products and the black market thrives even more. Enjoy the massive speculation of cash while it lasts.
BuonoBruttoCattivo77 (9 months ago)
Very likeable guy.
Miguel Rivera (9 months ago)
Craig Hawe (9 months ago)
He wants ISOl's API!
t-a-i-l (9 months ago)
awesome interview. THANKS!
Stefan Müller (9 months ago)
This company ♥️♥️
Luffer Booms (9 months ago)
When are we getting cam battley again

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