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Seatrain - Orange Blossom Special

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Seatrain - Orange Blossom Special
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TSM (10 hours ago)
Never thought about it , but, I would imagine Steve Morse was very aware of this band before the First Dixie Dregs album.
Douglas Ross (12 days ago)
45 years ago I heard this song and fell head over heels for it, never thought I would hear Seatrains version again, Thanks
Wolf Blitzer (1 month ago)
i can hear the train coming!
Ed noyb (1 month ago)
Another unbelivable version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ICDIb9b4K
Ed noyb (1 month ago)
The ALLTIME most definitive version of this song is not Seatrain. They are very very good but Listen to this vesion and then tell me who is best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69dcFjW0RZ4
hurchgoer (1 month ago)
justpassnthru (1 month ago)
Heard this on a college radio station in Atlanta back in the 70's. Never forgot it. Never heard it again until now. Wow!
Jeff Gaumond (3 months ago)
Tom: The reason this is one of the most popular clips on your channel is that this is hands down the best version of this song ever recorded and this song has been recorded thousands of times. Seatrain (with Peter Rowan fronting) was one of the most underrated bands of the day. Saw them in Spring of '71 at their heighth. They were simply awesome.
T. Alan Stevens (3 months ago)
I was fortunate to catch Seatrain in '71, at a little club in Georgetown called the Cellar Door. It was Kulberg, Baskin, Roberts, Amantuick (sp?), Rowan and the best fiddle player I've ever heard. Richard Greene was crazy fast, red socks, hush puppies, that big afro, and when he started workin that wah-wah pedal on OBS the place went wild. I was lost as lost could be, but the biblical background to some of their stuff spoke to me, and I kept both albums (Marblehead Messenger) in close and regular rotation. When I gave my life to Jesus in '97, I revisited their music, along with some tunes by folks like Daniel Moore and David Rea, and still seek out bands from the '70s that had shades of Christian doctrine to some if their stuff. And now I've come to realize the best singers and the best musicians are Christians. Try David Phelps or Stephen Hill or Bart Mallard or Anthony Burger. Many others. So...know Jesus, and you'll know peace.
Chrysalis Sartorious (3 months ago)
Perhaps the thirteen wha-hoos that down voted this would have preferred if, back in the day, Lawerence Welk and his orchestra of crusty fuddy-duds had wheezed this out instead?
Bikini Joe (4 months ago)
Just made its post on https://www.facebook.com/groups/299985240025032/
Marcos Escobar (4 months ago)
Recently found a box of old records on the curb in the trash. This was one of the records. Made a commitment to listen to every single song at least one full time. This is one of them... i think im in for a hell of a musical journey...
Peter Redding (4 months ago)
Always loved the train
Current Batches (5 months ago)
Greene was wonderful; harmony on three strings. Not long after I saw Greene, I saw Kershaw who demolished the strings trying to show that was music
Candy Raider (6 months ago)
Epic !!!
meterman39 (6 months ago)
I heard this on Sirius XM Deep Tracks yesterday. Thank you for posting.
mike purdum (6 months ago)
I grew up with Seatrain!
PATY ALVAREZ (7 months ago)
Waouu... DIXIE !!!
Philip Courter (7 months ago)
A truly amazing performance. Who is this amazing fiddle player???
Gary Snow (7 months ago)
Erol Ogut (7 months ago)
Years ago I had an 8 track tape of this album that I think was left in the car by the previous owner... I was searching around for it and couldn't remember the name of the band.. and here it is! Eve though my tastes at the time were ELP and YES I really liked this. Thanks for sharing it!
TeeKay19 (8 months ago)
Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D'Amato literally played second fiddle to Richard Greene in the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. She became famous as Maria Muldaur. She was a damn good fiddler (not to mention a great singer), but definitely second fiddle to Greene. I could not resist that pun, sorry.
mark mindel (8 months ago)
What a great group and GREAT SONG!
Christopher S. O' (8 months ago)
I first heard Seatrain in early 1970 when I was listening to WKBW AM-1520 Buffalo, NY at night when I lived in Newark,DE. Seatrain was a rock group then, I was 16 then. Their version of one of my favorite songs about train-The Orange Blossom Special is good.
Kathy Russo (9 months ago)
Awww...man... this is tooo good !!!!
Michael Goldenberg (9 months ago)
First heard Greene do this with Bill Monroe on a tape made by my hs girlfriend’s older brother at U of Wisconsin probably in 1964. I know he still has the recording. Hope he posts it. Monroe was adamant about Greene’s “ownership” of OBS.
Thane Overland (9 months ago)
Absolutely the best version of this song EVER! I bought this album when it came out and now I have a back up copy. Love Sea Train.
Willie van het Kerkhof (10 months ago)
Not bad!
mc2NY (11 months ago)
Saw Seatrain live at the Fillmore East.....killer band. Did this as their barnburner encore.
Chrysalis Sartorious (3 months ago)
What year, if you please?
beth tepper (11 months ago)
I saw them during my first year in college in West Hartford, Ct. This was 1971! They were the best! I'm so sorry they broke up. Everyone went crazy!! As a violin player, I really appreciated them!
PtolemyJones (1 year ago)
I love this tune, lots of good versions out there, but this one is far and away my favorite!
Robert Johnson (1 year ago)
Saw Seatrain perform this live about 45 years ago in the auditorium of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. I was blown away by it. It is the very best version of Orange Blossom Special I have ever heard. Too bad I cannot figure out how to download it to iTunes on my computer. Anybody got any ideas?
Pamela Alsop (1 year ago)
I saw this band as warm ~up group for someone else, but I thought this band was awesome!! Never understood why they weren't more popular!? I love all their music, quite telented!!🍊🍊
Cristina Scheeler (1 year ago)
I tried and tried to find it on I tunes to add to my cardio music, can't find it! It's like they never existed!
Mike Falvey (1 year ago)
play it all the freaking time up in my shop on the turntable....best version ever!!
Maureen MacBride (1 year ago)
This is the best ever version of this song. I saw them many times live and it was a blast to be there. Good Times.
MOONSIP2 (1 year ago)
Over 45 years later, I still get chills. Kickin'!
Rick Sanchez (1 year ago)
Richard Greene
Rick Sanchez (1 year ago)
Saw Seatrain live back in the day in Toronto, might have been the Peace Train Festival or what some call Festival Express...anyway I was there and these guys blew everybody away...
Eugene Ward,Jr. (1 year ago)
I've listened to every cover of this song I've ever come across & imo this version has never been surpassed. Seatrain was a one of a kind band & George Martin made this album a one of a kind masterpiece.
Not bad for a bunch of Yiddle musicians
Mr10glorious (1 year ago)
I use to "spin" this song as a D.J. in clubs!! People went NUTS!!! Best version EVER!! 70's bass for sure!!
Brian Bingham (1 year ago)
I owned this Seatrain album back in the year 1970 when i was 18 years old! I purchased it from Columbia Record Club at some point as part the contract obligation for receiving 10 free vinyl albums plus a small Columbia House record player to play them on! I purchased many wonderful albums for about 2 years.
Rick Sanchez (1 year ago)
Seatrain = the best GodDamn band from the early seventies that there was...Love this band...
Alan Tauber (6 months ago)
Agreed 100%. I'm from Boston and was happy they were around. We covered a few of their sings. I LOVED THIS BAND!
Leanna Dole (1 year ago)
Richard Greene is amazing.
Dario Luzi (1 year ago)
Onesto contro tendenza, mi iscrivo sempre a tutto quello che metto in lista, contro iscriviti per non perdere la "sub".
Scott W. Vincent. (1 year ago)
I heard it for the first time tonight on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks channel, which is one of the better reasons for having SiriusXM. Never heard of the song or band before but I'm glad I did, going to pick this up on CD real soon!
Chrysalis Sartorious (4 months ago)
Did you ever manage to find it on CD?
Terry Rathbun (1 year ago)
Fucking classic! Fine fiddlin'!
Kevin Altieri (1 year ago)
fantastic group. = alex. ukraine.
Horse and Rider (1 year ago)
Richard Greene is a violin Icon.
Soozin Kazick (2 years ago)
I worked for this band circa 1971... where is richard green now???
Richard Greene (2 months ago)
Right here (put an e on the end of 'Greene')
Jeff Gaumond (3 months ago)
He's still playing, has a 13 string violin, looks like it's from outer space. He's still "got it".
TeeKay19 (9 months ago)
He's got a web site - spell the name Greene if you want to find him.
mumseybeach (2 years ago)
I was just answering a friends post about old albums, and thought I'd take a chance to see if this was on YouTube yet. Thanks for posting it!!! You put a little bounce in this 67 year old body tonight. LOL
Mr10glorious (1 year ago)
Wow bro,would have loved to see that one!! Where were they? White Bird is a MASTERPIECE!! REAL musicians,they never got the press that they deserved!!
Silvestre Reyes (1 year ago)
mumseybeach 67 here too saw this group with "It's a beautiful day" amazing concert back in the day
Chrysalis Sartorious (2 years ago)
Where in the &^%$!! can I purchase a copy of this song?
Brad Valente (2 years ago)
Charlie Daniels eat your hat......Best version ever! OBS!  Me and the boys used to listen to this drinkin Shlitz ridin around in my van.  Never thought I'd hear it again.
Frederick Reeve (1 month ago)
Schlitz! no less. I used to like Stroh's and Black Label. Gave it up.
Patrick Murtagh (2 months ago)
My buddy Bradley & I used to ride around in his VW van smoking & listening to Seatrain back in the early 70's. Schlitz was our beer of choice also.
Chrysalis Sartorious (3 months ago)
Schlitz? Are you an East Coaster by chance?
jemjean100 (2 years ago)
My older brother had this album and I fell in love with this track. There is no way one can sit still listening to this! I never forgot how amazing these guys were and so glad to find it again. Thank you.
extra solar (2 years ago)
Jim McMurtry (2 years ago)
I know fiddlers consider this a "trick" song but Richard Greene has such fun with this it's infectious.
John McHugh (2 years ago)
Classic Album!!!!
Peggy Baker (2 years ago)
this has been my idea of how to play Orange Blossom special since this album was released. Richard Greene is amazing.
lorrie hamrich (2 years ago)
an all time fave album, obscure-HAAAA!Not to we WHFS fans in the DC area...
Kathleen Kleinmann (2 years ago)
I saw them play this of 45 minutes without a break at Penn State in the 1970's at Rec Hall. The place was packed. Everyone left their seat and formed a train. The place was wild and I will never ever forget it. I love to listen a few times per year and will never get enough of this version of Orange Blossom Special. This one is the best. I can still feel the excitement!
Chrysalis Sartorious (3 months ago)
Can you feel how jealous reading this has made me? Hmm? Can you feel it?
I experienced Seatrain live at the Whisky-a-Gogo in 1972 - blew my head open!
David Gooding (1 month ago)
Have seen a lot of great shows at the Whiskey. The good old days.
Marco De La Cruz (2 years ago)
I´ve never heard this song , sounds so cool and great , thanks for sharing!!!!!
Marco De La Cruz (1 year ago)
Yes It really does!!!
Tom Snyder (2 years ago)
Glad you like it, +Marco De La Cruz -- It does kick ass, don't it?! ;)
André Ribeiro (2 years ago)
Kevin Thurston (2 years ago)
the whole album rocks...it's all as good as this...
Kevin Thurston (2 years ago)
explains a lot...
bassavino (2 years ago)
+Kevin Thurston of course, not only are the artists fantastic, but the late George Martin produced it.
Dave Shropshire (2 years ago)
Back in '71 these guys had a top 40 single called " 13 Questions" that I loved..bought the album , their second and thought this version of Orange Blossom really kicked some hillbilly bootie..still do !!
Kevin Moran (3 years ago)
Saw them in New Jersey (Wildwood) summer of 1972 believe they were opening band before Ten Years After and yes they played OBS and blew us away.
Roger H Werner (5 months ago)
TeeKay, Ten Years After played atmy university's home coming in fall 1969 along wiith the original Fleetwood Mac line up. That was a pretty good concert but it was a much smaller venue than Wildwood.
jesse reitmeyer (5 months ago)
wildwood convention center wow I saw procall harem there around that time
Roger H Werner (6 months ago)
Small world. I was at that concert at the Convention Center in I think July or 1972. I managed a boardwalk boutique that summer in North Wildwood and was often at concerts that summer. I saw Mountain, Black Sabbath, and Black Oak Arkansas at the Convention Center but that was in July 1971, when I worked in Atlantic City.
TeeKay19 (8 months ago)
Ten Years After was the only band I ever walked out on. Legends in their own minds. Seatrain, on the other hand, could flat-out play. I played this for two classical violinists (university profs) who were parents of a friend, they were totally blown away. Then "Song of Job" killed them. A wah-wah peddle on a fiddle? Wow.
Bob Purdy (3 years ago)
I was just 15 when I discovered this brilliant and truly unique band of boys that rocked my music world. The hauntingly mesmerizing  melodies with the flawless and  intricate arrangements, were all driven by an instrument that didn`t come over with the British Invasion. Tight harmonies with progressive tempos made Seatrain an instant favorite to those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on this piece of vinyl . God bless older sibling . OBS by seatrain stands out as one of the best versions of one of the most  recorded songs in music. Truly a masterpiece. And if you can listen to this tune without tapping your foot, hand or getting the urge to get up and bop, then . . . . . . . . . . . .
Gary Kinter (3 years ago)
SEATRAIN, doin the OB special, absolutely none better........................
Willie van het Kerkhof (10 months ago)
yeah its not a bad version..
mtnman2 (3 years ago)
Had the pleasure of seeing Seatrain around Fall 1972 was going to UF, invited down to Clearwater, Fla. by a friend attending Florida Presbyterian College, (Now Eckerd College). They must have been flush then, they brought Seatrain down from NY to play for maybe 600 students. It was so great,swaying palms, cool breezes, mellow, laid back crowd, a little piece of heaven. Saw Peter Rowan a few years later as lead singer songwriter for New Riders of the Purple Sage. He now appears (still going!) with guitar legend Tony Rice and two lovely ladies, check out the vids on Youtube (the hobo song, midnight moonlight, old sante fe,) just fabulous, forty years later!!! Unbelievable!
Boobie Needham (3 years ago)
About 15 years ago I listened to our local radio station every weekend Q107 Psychedelic Sunday it got loads of airplay. I told my Bro about it and he got me a copy for my birthday. Doug Kershaw did a good rendition too, but this is my fave!
tuxguys (3 years ago)
My favorite version of this fiddle tune-classic (hey, I like Bluegrass, but I'm not a purist), and for my money, one of the two cuts (the other is "The Song of Job") that salvages this disappointing follow-up to their first LP, with different personnel, on another label, Polydor, I think. Richard Greene's a genius, and all props to the drummer, Larry Atamanuik, whom I produced once, and who brought all the professionalism and excitement to that session that you're hearing here. (Confidential to all Martha's Vineyard residents reading this:  Larry was a sideman... You might be surprised at whose session it was...)
Paul Glasbrenner (3 years ago)
Great music Tom Thanks
Tom Snyder (3 years ago)
Glad you like it, +Paul Glasbrenner -- I agree with you; this song rocks!
Heru-Tehuti Re (3 years ago)
Virtuotic (is that a 'word'?) violin/fiddle playing! Really inspirational and moving! This band was definitely ahead of its time!
gerard ripley (3 years ago)
God bless you,Tom Snyder for this post.  I had Seatrain's 8-track and it got me through the deserts of the southwest as a traveling worker.  I am enjoying listening to it right now for the first time in 35 years.
David Gooding (1 month ago)
Great song for driving
gerard ripley (3 years ago)
Have been working on "Willin" on my six string.  What a great song.
Tom Snyder (3 years ago)
Hey, Gerard Ripley!  Sounds like you and I are from the same era (8-Track ;) -- Those were the days!
Roger Soule (4 years ago)
Lucky enough to see Joplin. Seatrain, whom I never heard of, opened for her and I was hooked.
Dorothy Vandergriff (4 months ago)
Divine Orange Blossom Special. We had the very best of it.
Gustavo Aranguren (4 years ago)
I did listen to this tune in Boston around 1980 when I got a Sea Train album by mistake well fortunately I did, since this tune is one of my all time favor I still have the record but this audio it is much better.....so glad that I have found this piece again...I live in Caracas and I have spreaded all around music lovers and Violin players to see if they get to do a live version of this wonderful theme
leelevingate (4 years ago)
What a song. Great to see so many enjoying this version.
Tom Snyder (4 years ago)
*Seatrain - Orange Blossom Special* This is my second-most popular video on my YouTube channel...  and I have no idea why.  I thought  it was so obscure, that no one would bother to listen.   _I guess I was wrong!_ See y'all tomorrow  ;) 
David Gooding (1 month ago)
+Lisa Hey now Lisa, I think you have great taste.
David Gooding (1 month ago)
+Michael Ivers Right on my brother
Spencer Thompson (6 months ago)
Best. Version. Ever!
James Johnston (7 months ago)
Doooooood! It's a classic!
Roger H Werner (8 months ago)
Obscure today sure but not in California 40 years ago. I have the original vinyl album and I've loved it since I bought it in 1975.
Art Napoli (4 years ago)
I was at Belmont Plateau Phila Pa 1971 concert also, it was a great day Sunday If I remember.
Eugene Ward,Jr. (1 year ago)
Art Napoli You are correct. A gorgeous Sunday on Belmont Plateau. And if you can recall it was the FIRST EARTH DAY CELEBRATION. Huge crowd great music and joints being passed around all day. A concert l remember often & always with fond memories. These guys were indescribable. Just playing for the sheer joy of entertaining the crowd & love of music.
DrDann (4 years ago)
Me too - in May or so -  
John Thomson (4 years ago)
I don't know how many times I heard this traveling home from a gig in Minnesota on Clyde Clifford's "Beaker Street". This is my fave version of this tune, by far!
Violin Jazzmessenger123 (3 months ago)
Great fiddlin' by Richard Greene!  -> jazzmessenger123 😎🎻♫♫ ☮🎻☮ ☮🎻😎 ☮ 🎻 ☮ 🎻♫♫
Rick Sanchez (4 years ago)
I was a young hippy that had the opportunity to see Seatrain in Toronto during the Festival Express Concert tour which was a tour across Canada's major cities...They played during the afternoon on a hot sunny day but they got every lazy hippy off of their asses when they did this song...Richard Greene...excellent as were the rest of the band...The you tube videos don't do justice to the concert...
Bob Purdy (3 years ago)
+Rick Sanchez  was that the concert with Lee Michaels ,Sundance , Sh-Na-Na , Edgar Winter and The Band ? If so , I was there too.
Tom Snyder (4 years ago)
+Rick Pitz:  Your story is my story too--ya old hippy!  ;)
Tom Snyder (4 years ago)
*I'm down the road, y'all*... _Tomorrow's gonna be great!_  ;)
Chrysalis Sartorious (5 years ago)
Magnificent! Thanks so much for posting. Now where, oh where, can I buy a copy of this? It seems to have left the planet!
David Rotter (5 years ago)
SEVFEST, there will always be petty little haters here on the internet.
SEVFEST (5 years ago)
who the hell are the 3 asswipes that didn't like this masterpiece???? they have NO taste for greatness do they?
urankjj (5 years ago)
Hank 3 should be proud of this sht. Sweet!!
Charley Whittaker (5 years ago)
I love falling into the time machine...hearing this, I. Right back in that Fiat, hauling ass through the woods flying over oak roots til the tranny dropped...wicked fun.
Robin Harris (5 years ago)
Suuuuuper duuuuuuuuuper!!!!!!!!!!
David Rotter (5 years ago)
You should hear the 2 sets I have of them playing The Troubador in West Hollywood in june of 1971... But growing up seeing him play year after did spoil me a bit. Thank you so much for posting this.
urankjj (5 years ago)
No Wonder I never forgot this song. Just Awesome.
PHJimY (5 years ago)
This band was formed a couple of years after Richard Greene left Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. He spent a short while in Jim Kweskin's Jug Band before helping to form Seatrain. This later incarnation of the band also included former Bluegrass Boy Peter Rowan (the guy wearing just Daisy Dukes and a hat on the cover of this album).
Belle Blasquez (5 years ago)
One of the very best! Bone chilling.
Tom Snyder (5 years ago)
*Wishing all y'all a great week!* ;)
George Matuussek (5 years ago)
I saw Seatrain at the University of Maryland -- they were the wonderful opening act for Janis Joplin. The audience was impatient to see Janis. She did not like the fact that the audience did not appreciate Seatrain. She was drinking and cut her concert short, but she was amazing while she lasted.
Doug Sailer (5 years ago)
thank you
David Miller (5 years ago)
City boy here...love this..
DavidWoo2 (5 years ago)
I agree with Jim .... best version ever!

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